Is Virtual Reality Really the Future of the Dating Industry?

Erika White
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Virtual Reality headsets make seemingly impossible things possible! In the nearest future, singles will be able to get to know each other in simulated online bars. Also, these features will let you hear the sexy voice of your online girlfriend, flirt with her, and even make a visual first impression through the selected avatars. But is this sort of dating opportunity what it promises to be? Does this actually bring more closeness in long-distance relationships?

Experts say it will take a while – till the moment you can find your bride abroad with the help of VR.

Visually, today’s sets and avatars have something of the charm of the classic computer games. The graphics are not really appealing, though. The customization options and outfits for avatars leave much to be desired. So far, it is impossible to imitate or represent your own style. Accordingly, in virtual reality dating, you, at present, can’t create a character that would look totally like you.

Experience has shown that this technology, which is in the development phase yet – will significantly change soon. The possibilities to greet each other in virtual reality dating are currently limited to very basic ones. But it is only a matter of time before hugs and kisses will be added. Little by little, anything up to touch sensations and virtual sex will likely be possible one day. There is no doubt that VR technology will be a part of the future.

If you read the interviews of the developers with explanations – their goal becomes clear. For example, they want to create separate rooms in which users can enjoy conversations with their online partners. The peaceful and quiet atmosphere is included, and no one is going to be undisturbed. But these services will definitely have an additional price, we guess.

On the other hand, Virtual Reality Dating is a form of online partner search that could lead to fewer men than women using this service. But only the voice will be able to reveal the actual gender of the conversationalist – well, at least in most cases. 

But even with virtual reality dating, fakes cannot be prevented. The opposite is actually assumed above. Instead of realistic avatars that show how you look in real life – singles will get something else. The virtual bars will definitely be filled with sexy men and women who have the potential to become supermodels. It is to say, VR technology will ultimately lead to the creation of a whole new type of fake user. After all, with this kind of dating – each user decides which avatar he would like to select and how realistic it is.

What can we say in conclusion? Our own opinion is still unclear. It remains undefined how seriously flirting is taken in virtual reality dating. For many users, for sure, it is more a kind of a video game – too unreal to associate it with the real world.

In any case, everything from flirting to cybersex is possible and even relatively risk-free. This is very pleasant, especially for shy singles. Perhaps even so enjoyable that they would like to forego meetings in the offline world altogether in the future. In other cases, all inhibitions are likely to decrease. The situation that men, who are looking for fast sex, attack women without any decency or respect, could become the norm.

Also, no specific information is yet available about the usage fees. One thing is clear, though: if you want to try out the new simulated possibilities, you first have to invest in some multimedia tools. In addition to a powerful computer, VR glasses and headphones are required. The final decision is still up to you.

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