Is an Online POS System Right For Your Dispensary?

Erika White
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Is an Online POS System Right For Your Dispensary?

Many dispensaries are switching to cloud-based, or online point-of-sale (POS) systems. They’re making the switch for all different types of reasons from affordability to a better customer experience. While online dispensary POS systems are gaining in popularity, they’re not for all dispensaries. To help you decide if you should switch to a cloud-based dispensary POS system, we put together a list of pros and cons to use as a guideline when making your decision.

Check out some of the advantage a cloud-based system has over a traditional dispensary POS system ran on a local server.

Dispensaries are adopting online POS systems to provide their customers a better shopping experience. Online Dispensary POS systems allow for a tablet to be carried around the store and brought to customers for check-out. This can speed up the check-out process and allow budtenders to eliminate long lines for the cash register. Think of a smooth and efficient marijuana dispensary where customers wouldn’t have to wait in-line to swipe their card. It’s a more streamlined process that makes shopping or buying at your dispensary more convenient.

If you can carry your dispensary POS, you can be wherever your customer is. This makes you more accessible to your customers. Let’s face it, not many people carry cash on them anymore. Online Dispensary POS systems allow you to conveniently provide credit card check out in just about any dispensary location. This can help you generate more sales. Even when you don’t have access to WiFi, most online dispensary POS software have “offline” modes that still allow you to retrieve credit card info without an internet connection. You’ll have access to your sales data wherever, and whenever you want it. You won’t have to be in-store to look at inventory, items, or any other data you need.

Cloud-based dispensary point of sale systems can also be a more affordable solution for dispensaries, especially new locations. Traditional local server point-of-sale software usually require you to buy software and lots of hardware that needs to be hooked up. For online dispensary POS systems, you usually download an app for free, purchase a tablet or card reader, and then pay a small fee per transaction. Some service providers also require a low, flat monthly fee. For a cannabis dispensary just starting out, or who needs only a few registers, this can be an affordable solution so you can start selling right away.

Online dispensary POS systems also can have more reliable support. Most cloud-based servers provide 24×7 support that can be reached anytime for troubleshooting problems. When you do have an issue, you’ll most likely be able resolve it fast. You’ll be back to servicing your customers in no time. Your dispensary software is always usually easier to install on more registers and automatically update. It’s just a matter of installing an app. You won’t need to go through the hassle of contacting someone and shutting down your systems for updates.

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