iPhone 14 or is it the iPhone 13+? Great smartphone but not at this price

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The iPhone 14 was the device that Apple probably hit the hardest after the recent premieres. Compared to Samsung, many people criticized the Cupertino company for the lack of innovation and the high price of the device at every launch. right?

Usually when I do smartphone reviews, especially the Androids like Samsung, OPPO, or Vivo,

I start with what has not changed. In the case of the iPhone 14, I have a problem here, because following this lead, I would have to reproduce the review of last year’s iPhone 13 Plus in about 70 percent.

iPhone 14 – DESIGN

Even the body of the device has remained unchanged. I must admit that as a fan of more angular iPhones, I have a weakness for this design, Else I would have opted for the Reno 8 at a lesser Oppo price in Pakistan. Yes, I am one of those people for whom the iPhone 4S was ideal.

Even for me, however, it is difficult to pass by the big notch that ominously looks at us from the top edge of the screen. In the 14 Pro models it was replaced by “Dynamic Island”, in the basic “fourteen” everything remained the same. Wake up, Apple, it’s not 2017. Even the latest Chinese companies have ditched the notch for good and now we see some beautiful punch-hole displays on Vivo, OPPO, and even Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.

This does not change the fact that – excluding this unfortunate notch – the iPhone 14 is a nice and neat smartphone. Made of a combination of glass and aluminum, the housing looks elegant and at the same time minimalist.

iPhone 14 – SCREEN

Not much has changed in terms of the screen either. Okay, nothing has changed. The iPhone 14 has a slightly over six-inch OLED display (or – as Apple prefers – Super Retina XDR) with a resolution of 1170 by 2532 and a pixel density of 460 PPI. You can find a better display on the latest X80 Pro and that too at a pocket-friendly Vivo price.

People who hoped that Apple would finally introduce ProMotion technology to the basic iPhone, again have to get around the taste.

The screen still offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This is so annoying that rivals are increasingly offering 90 and 120 Hz displays, also in mid-range and low-end smartphones. In the iPhone 14, we will not find the Always-On-Display function, which debuted in this year’s Pro models.


The iPhone 14 is powered by the same A15 Bionic chip that the iPhone 13 had. OK, before they call me from Cupertino, let me mention that Apple has added one extra GPU core here. Does the presence of last year’s A15 processor translate into performance problems?

In no case. iPhone 14 is a hellishly fast smartphone that performs well both in everyday use and in tests. In the GeekBench 5 application, the “fourteen” scored 1733 points in the single-core test and 4784 points in the multi-core test. This is a result practically identical to that achieved by the iPhone 13 Pro in the same benchmark.

When it comes to connectivity modules, there is of course support for Wi-Fi 6 as well as LTE and 5G standards. The new is Bluetooth version 5.3. This change was necessary for the iPhone 14 to support Spatial Audio technology, which appeared even in the new AirPods Pro 2 headphones.

Another new feature that came to all iPhone 14 models is the Crash Detection feature. The phone now has two new sensors, thanks to which it will automatically call the emergency services in the event of a serious car accident.

iPhone 14 – CAMERA

There have been more changes to photography. The iPhone 14 still has two 12-megapixel cameras. The basic one, however, received a larger sensor and a wider aperture. This translates into an improvement in the quality of photos taken in good lighting conditions. The frames are sharp, rich in details, and do not sting the eyes with distorted colors.

Night photos also look better, but this is where Photonic Engine technology comes into play, which is one of the few real novelties in the iPhone 14. Very figuratively speaking, when taking a photo, the camera can collect up to four times more information about the photographed scene, and then – thanks to the algorithm Photonic Engine – generate the best possible photo.

The TrueDepth front camera received autofocus and a wider aperture. Here the difference in the quality of photos is even more visible than in the case of the main camera.

Smartphone video enthusiasts will enjoy the fact that the iPhone 14 offers a new Action Mode, which provides better image stabilization when recording very dynamic scenes.

iPhone 14 – BATTERY

Apple also promised an improvement in terms of working time on a single battery charge. Fortunately, the company from Cupertino managed to fulfill this promise.

When I connected the iPhone 14 to charge in the evening, the battery icon still indicated about 35-40 percent. battery. This is a very decent result. We can charge the iPhone 14 wired with a power of up to 25 watts or wirelessly with a power of up to 15 watts.

iPhone 14 – SUMMARY

iPhone 14 is a beautiful and very efficient smartphone that has an excellent camera. The problem is that the iPhone 13 was also a beautiful and very efficient smartphone, which had only a slightly worse camera, and was much cheaper than the fourteen.

Rs. 259000 (USD. 1581) for the basic version of the smartphone, which has a screen with a 60 Hz refresh rate, a large notch, and last year’s processor is an amount that I personally find difficult to accept. I would rather suggest a Reno 8 at an affordable Oppo mobile price.

If you really want to buy an iPhone now, and at the same time you respect your home budget, it may be worth looking around for the still excellent iPhone 13, although I am sad to note that it has also become more expensive in the Apple Store.

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