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Erika White
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Tips to boost your Instagram Profile

Many people use Social Media to profile themselves in the market. Nowadays everyone has Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest and LinkedIn. Here we will discuss about Instagram marketing. There are different ways to boost your Instagram profile, Ironically You can buy cheap Instagram followers using In this article I want to explain tricks and tips that work to a greater or lesser extent.

What is Social Media?

Social Media are all apps and websites with which you are in contact with an interested person through interaction. On Twitter, for example, you follow the NOS, because you are interested in the news and on Facebook, you like Rihanna, because you love her music.

Join the discussion

Perhaps the most important thing to do. You can only expect reactions if followers see you as a person. Actively follow people and respond to their content. This does not mean that if you follow thousands of people you should all read what they have to say, because then you will not have any time left. But make a list or mark a few people as favorites or add them to a list (which can easily be done in and respond to them.

Appreciate another: Sow before you will harvest!

To be able to receive likes yourself, you also have to like people or respond to what they post. You will notice that people will think of you sooner if you let them hear from you. Social Media is social, so your interaction is very important. If you only post what you are going to do today, you will not get much response. Well if you say that you are working on just that one theme that you have recently appreciated for another.

Share your knowledge

Give nice tips, funny facts or useful knowledge in your content. Your followers will appreciate this and is a reason for them to share your content with others. You also present yourself as an expert in your field, which means that you will automatically be seen as such.

Standardization: make sure your profile is consistent on all sites

Try to use the same profile photo and profile information everywhere. So that you become and are recognizable. IFTTT can also automate this for you, with this recipe.

Offer your followers something valuable

Do you have interesting or free content on your website? Then share this with your followers! Many people like to download free e-books, sample letters, or templates for, for example, light room.

More followers?

You can buy cheap Instagram followers using Then use a program like I Macros to do the clicking for you. If you do it a bit smart, you can already get a thousand followers or likes per week. These are of course followers from all over the world, and not directly buyers of your product, but they do help to ensure that your statistics are somewhat positive, and it is also good for your position in search engines.

Try to keep it fun for your followers

If you only play games on Facebook or participate in Like-Share-and-Win competitions, you won’t have many friends. This is generally not appreciated. Just like if you only post follow back Tweets. A funny incident with a clever text is always more fun. You can see that immediately in the number of retweets and favorites. Take a look at the difference:

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