In the Black: 13 Super Secret Small Business Success Tips

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Nobody wants to start a business only to end up closing their doors a few months after launching. Unfortunately, this has been the fate of up to 90% of small businesses as they fail within the first two years.

Well, the main cause of this failure is that most of these businesses are clueless about small business success secrets. Many entrepreneurs are simply on a trial and error basis, which is bound to fail in the long run.

But how do you avoid starting a promising business only to end up failing? The secret lies in the 13 tips outlined in this article. Read through it to the end for successful small business ideas.

  1. Commit Your All to Your Small Business Success

Starting a business while still holding your full-time job is not a crime, but you need a good balance to juggle all of them. Ask yourself if you’ll manage to commit enough time to run your business and still give your all to your full-time job. The answer to this question will be the extra efforts.

You don’t have to neglect your job to run your business. Even if you already have a few employees, you must put in twice as much effort as your staff. Successful entrepreneurs started by working more than 60 hours per week to see their business succeed.

Even if it means you need to sweat blood for the sake of your business, you must do all it takes. You might even find yourself getting into a poor life-work balance, but it’s worth the effort if you’ll achieve what you want at the end of it.

  1. Maintain a Good Balance

Starting a business may mean putting in more effort and working extra hours. But this doesn’t mean you need to more than you can handle. You still need that life-work balance, and you must find it.

Many entrepreneurs sacrifice their mental, physical, and emotional well-being to focus on their business. Many of them even sacrifice family relationships and friends in the name of being ‘busy at work.’ You might end up being successful in the long run, but what will all these do to you if you end up alone?

As you desperately try to get your business on its feet, make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process. Think about your kids, your spouse, and close friends. Think about your physical and mental health, exercise, sleep well, and create family bonding time.

  1. Ensure You Spend the Minimum

When starting your business, you need to do everything to see it grow. Spending too much of your fortune should be the least of those things. Think of all possible ways to avoid spending too much money on your startup. Only spend money on essential things that you need at the moment.

Poor financial management has been the cause of failure for many small businesses. Avoid incurring tons of debt around your neck that makes it hard to run your business. You also need to find ways to raise enough money to put your business in a better position before you launch.

Ensure you understand all the costs of starting and running your business in the early days before it starts bringing in some profit. Find out different ways to finance your business and pick the most appropriate one. Don’t misuse any type of financial aid you get as losses in the early days will greatly hurt your business.

  1. Avoid Procrastination for Your Small Business Success

Procrastination is sinning against your business and can make you stagnate for years. If you’re thinking of starting your business, do it today. Forget that advice that you need to be ready with the finances and investigate everything about your business before you start.

Remember, your competitor next door already started and acquiring your target customers all to themselves. They’re learning through mistakes and growing every step, but you’re here afraid of the future. You must know that no one really started their business prepared.

Yes, you must do some market research, know your target customers, and pull a few strings. But it’s impossible to make everything perfect. Stop talking and take the next steps in putting your business ideas into action.

  1. Analyze the Risks and Rewards 

Being a successful business person means preparing and calculating the risks. Before you even think of moving forward with your business plan, think about the downsides. You must know what can happen to your business in the worst-case scenario.

Once you know what’s ahead of you, you will start your business fully prepared to tackle the risks head-on. How you handle the risks ahead is what will see you achieve great results with your business.

One of the ways of tackling business risks involves understanding the proper time for launching. You must identify what products/services your target customers need and the exact period to launch them.

  1. Take Every Opportunity to Learn

For your business to succeed, you’ll record some failures and setbacks in your journey. You need to take every challenge you face as an opportunity to learn. There will be several learning opportunities, and you must embrace them.

Nobody started their business knowing all the details. You might have a well-calculated business plan, but you can’t capture everything. After a year or so, you won’t be as clueless as you started since you’ll have acquired more skills and experiences.

Don’t forget to network and interact with more skilled people than you are. Get other successful small businesses to share their secrets with you and learn from their mistakes. Remember, everything you do at the startup stage of your business will determine its success or failure.

  1. Make a Business Plan

You must have a business plan when starting, and part of that plan should be your business’s success. Your business plan should also have a marketing outline with a well-detailed success blueprint.

A business plan creates a path to your success. It will help you map out a landmark that acts as the road to success. The plan will define success for your small business and break down the journey into smaller and easier bits.

But your business plan will not make things easier for you if it’s robust and rigid. You need a flexible plan that you can alter any time need arises.

Sometimes your plan may need a little bit of adjustment, but at the time, it might need big changes. Either way, you should be able to do it without any problem.

  1. Research on Your Competitors

Your competitors make a crucial part of running your business. They can dictate whether your business will succeed or fail. But this will depend on how much information you’ve found out from them and how you use your new findings.

Your business must have competitors. They might be offering a different product or service from yours, but there must be an alternative to yours. Find out what your competitors sell, how they sell it, and the kind of customers they target.

Researching your competitors should be an ongoing thing because they’ll definitely change their strategy now and then. Strive to make your business better and differentiate it from that of competitors even if it’s the smallest in town.

  1. Know Your Target Customers

Do you think you know your customers as much as you should? With the digital world, it’s much easier to know your customers in a more personal way. You need to know what your customers want and their special needs.

There are many ways to know your target customers that your business can adopt. Think about inviting them to give feedback for your services or give their opinions on anything concerning your business. Start a friendly conversation on social media and encourage them to participate.

Once you do the survey, take your time to analyze your customers individually. If they make any suggestions, look through them. Listen carefully to their complaints and make as many adjustments as possible to suit their needs.

  1. Start Marketing Your Business

By this time, you must have already identified your target audience. You need to get your name out there and get the customers to know your existence. Customers will not come to you first; hence, you must go to them and introduce yourself.

One of the best ways to start marketing your small business is through word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing works great whether you’re targeting a small community or a densely populated urban center. Remember, many consumers are more likely to buy something because they got a positive review or a testimonial.

Word of mouth can build the reputation of your business. Make sure your very first customers have nothing but good things to say about your business.

Get that positive word of mouth by providing quality services, offering discounts, and the best customer service. Consider gaining popularity and building your reputation by giving back to the community. Come up with some kind of community support, sponsorship, or a charity event and get your business out there.

  1. Provide Good Customer Service

Customers no longer buy from businesses because they provide quality products at discounted prices. Every business does that these days. What’s going to differentiate you from your competitors is the kind of customer service you provide.

Customers always come back to buy from you if you provide the best services. They’ll take points on how your customer care representatives talk to them and their willingness to take care of their needs. A positive attitude and a friendly voice do a lot in seeing your customers return to you than going to your competitors.

  1. Adopt Digital Marketing Approach

Word of mouth business is going to work well during the launching stages of your business. But as your business grows, you need to market it digitally. You need to have a digital presence to capture the digitized customers.

Check out some tools and small business software reviews that can help you market your business digitally. Think of the ways to take your business online right from the start and establish a strong web presence.

Start a professional website. Build an email list to reach out to your customers in a more personalized way. Finally, you need a social media presence to create a good connection with your target customers.

Before buying from you, most of your customers will go online to look up your business. They’ll decide whether to take the next step based on what they see on your website. Encourage them with special offers sent to their emails to get them to buy from you.

  1. Don’t Stop Networking to Ensure Your Small Business Success 

If you ask around for well-established entrepreneurs, they’ll tell you one of their biggest success secrets is networking. You will not succeed with your business if you’re a loner. Networking allows you to know many people and exchange ideas that drive small business success.

Create those networks with people within and outside your industry. You never know, a person running a fashion business may have some incredible ideas that can help another running a restaurant. Hence, don’t discriminate.

Networking is a great opportunity to make friends, get customers, and attract investors. The best places to network are events such as trade shows, conferences, and business meetings. Even social media can be a great place to get some acquaintances.

The Success of Your Business Is Dependent on Your Efforts

There is no great feeling of seeing your business grow into a big enterprise and reflecting on where you started. There is a great happiness that comes with knowing that you made a huge effort, sacrificed a lot, and now you can pat yourself on the back.

If you follow the above tips carefully, nothing will prevent you from celebrating your small business success. After you reached your goals and happy about your achievements, your business growth doesn’t have to end there. Always come back to this site for more tips and tricks for running your business.


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