In my younger years, I found it hard to connect with my man, says Vange. 

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I went to my mom asking for advice and her response was, Vange I don’t want to hear this complaint. You always complain about the same things, says Vange’s mom. Either leave him or stop complaining because complaining to me won’t change the circumstances. Sure enough, she had heard her loud and clear, but internally, she knew that what she spoke wasn’t her truth. She loved him, but she didn’t know how to connect with him. She had to take responsibility for that, and leaving wasn’t their answer, reveals Vange. 

I guess it was those late nights she found her mom crying on the bathroom floor and when she would ask are you ok mom, the response her mother gave was a strong woman allowing no one to see her cry.

 It was her mother’s example that Vange realized  the conditioning she had developed wasn’t the way for her. She looked at her two kids and that imperfect man and all she could think was, but we build this family. How do I find another way to bring me the results besides walking away. Finding herself struggling to open up in a way that truly reaches his heart. 

I felt what it feels like to lay in a bed with dead silence, and he’s right beside you, says Vange. 

I experienced what it feels like to make an effort to express yourself, but when you try, it all comes out wrong. As a result, you receive silent treatment and slammed doors. 

I definitely experienced what it feels like when you have a request from him, but all you get is ignored. If this is you, keep reading, says Vange. 

What advice do you have for women struggling to connect with their partner in a close way. 

The foundation of Queen’s Mansion Academy teaches women to express how they feel without covering it up. The key isn’t what you say. It’s how you say it, says Vange. Think about it. Many of us women experience the same situations in our love relationship. Some women receive significant results when expressing their needs and wants, but other women don’t. 

The woman who’s receiving the excellent results, what did she do differently, is the little known secret. This is what Queen’s Mansion Academy teaches. The woman who received the response, yes love, I will oblige from her partner. Why did she receive that answer? 

She tapped into her feminine energy and spoke from a place of connection, not anger. To achieve this, one must develop the skills of femininity and communication. 

When a woman exudes masculine energy with masculine energy, it interrupts the natural flow of polarity, making it impossible for him to connect on a deep level. 

Your partner isn’t looking for another masculine to be in a relationship with. He’s searching for a woman to show up powerfully in her feminine energy, as this allows him to be in his masculine energy.

 He’s looking for a woman he can let his guard down with. Let’s be honest, he wore the strong guy masks all day at work and around the guys, so the feminine energy you embrace is his escape. From the pressure of the world. 

 He’s searching for his woman to embrace her feminine energy, otherwise to him, it feels like 


Cain’s mission is to empower women to deepen into their feminine energy. I invite all women into a space of love deep down, to discover her pathways where all her love resides. A place where she can let go of fears, she can trust herself. Let go of her past and reprogram the downloads imprinted in her story that keypad her stuck. I invite all women to heal to reclaim her power, so she can receive the inner love and peace within herself and her relationship. 

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