How your business can go green

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With climate change hitting deadlines on an almost daily basis, it’s time for business owners to think about how they can steer their companies in a more environmentally friendly direction. Not only is this good for the planet, but it can also boost the reputation of your firm, create a more positive working environment for your staff, and even save you money. If you’re interested in doing your part but not sure how to begin, read on for some inspiration. Then you can set up a sustainability team and start putting some of these ideas into action!

Support environmental charities

One immediate step you can take is to start supporting some of the many charities and nonprofit organizations that are helping to protect the environment. You could donate money (for example, a certain percentage of sales of a particular item), hold an office fundraising event, or get a group of staff together to do some volunteering. You could also raise awareness of specific campaigns by mentioning them on your website or in your email newsletter (either an internal one to staff or an external one to customers).

Become a paperless office

Offices tend to waste a lot of paper, so aiming to become a paperless workspace is a great goal. Even just reducing the amount of paper that’s used can make a big difference. For instance, you could encourage staff to only print documents when it’s absolutely necessary and then to select the double-sided printing option to halve the amount of paper used for the job. You can also ask managers to distribute meeting agendas and other files digitally rather than physically handing them out. Plus, be sure to buy recycled paper for those times when printing can’t be avoided. Going paperless has the additional benefit of reducing costs and clutter in the office, so there’s no reason not to try it!

Cut down on water and energy use

Reducing the amount of water and electricity used in the workplace is fantastic for both the environment and your office budget. Some top tips include asking staff to turn off all electronic devices when they go home (rather than leaving them on standby), installing motion-activated lights which only come on when someone is nearby, and allowing employees to work remotely for part of the week. Meanwhile, having motion sensor faucets and toilets with eco flush systems can cut down water usage in the restrooms.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

In addition to using recycled products, it’s also important to recycle as much of the waste generated in your office as possible. You can do this by placing brightly colored recycling bins in prominent locations throughout the workplace and putting up posters to encourage people to use them. Ask managers to ensure that larger office equipment such as computers and printers is recycled too – you can facilitate this by researching some of the options available and then disseminating the key information in a staff meeting or via email. Having your employees onboard is key for becoming a greener office, so try to make the process as easy as you can for them!

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