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Throwing a party that everyone would remember is not an easy task. It takes a certain charisma and hours of thoughtful planning to put together a perfect plan for the party. Continue reading this article to find out ways to throw an Instagram worthy party that catches everyone’s attention.

  1. Guest List: The trick to throw a successful party is to invite the popular kids. In high school, you knew who the popular kids were, and the same rule applies for adult life as well. Invite the people everyone looks up to, and soon the crowd will follow the VIPs.
  • Create an e-invite to get everyone’s attention.
  • Create a Facebook event and let everyone RSVP to know who’s coming to the party.
  • Let everyone know about the food details of the event, so if it is a BYOB party, people are prepared. If there is a dress code for the party, let everyone know in advance so that no one feels awkward not knowing the theme of the party.
  1. Maintain Boundaries: While you do want to be a welcoming host to the people who attended the party, you also want to set some boundaries, so that things do not get out of the hands.
  • Set a definite time to end the party and politely request people to leave. Stop the music and tell them it is time to head home.
  • Make sure no one is driving under the influence of alcohol. If one does not have a designated sober driver with for the ride, the best thing to do is to call an UBER.
  • Control the music choices and volumes. You want your friends to have a good time, but you do not want your neighbor to call the cops on you.
  1. Light Up a Joint: Everyone likes a bit of weed in the party. A good host provides varieties of marijuana to the guest. Washington DC dispensary offers safe purchase of marijuana for the consumers. Here are some ways you may present weed your guests.
  • Pre-roll joints of different kinds in different sizes, so that the invited people can grab one, and light it up. Rolling up a joint in a crowded party can be a mess.
  • Make CBT infused food for those who want to get high but do not like smoking.
  • Let the guest know what they are consuming and the amount they intake.
  • Decorate the rooms with scented candles and muted lights to create an ambience.
  1. Take Help: Planning a perfect party is hard work, and one may feel overburdened with a task so huge. Therefore, it is perfectly all right to ask for assistance from those who are willing to help out.
  • Plan the details of the party with a group of friends, so you do not miss on the particulars.
  • Go to the supermarket with friends to buy the stuff you need for the party. This outing will not only save time but also be a fun experience.

College party experiences are unique in their distinctive ways, as they become colorful memories for years in the minds of everyone. The number one rule of the party is to play the right type of music and have fun to the fullest.

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