How to prepare for the birth of a child

Kat Irving
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The birth of a child is an extraordinary event that has a profound effect on the life of a couple. How to prepare for the arrival of a baby? Find out in this article.

How many times have you heard: “having a child changes your life? But what are these changes? From the moment in which you and your sweetheart received the news of the happy event, in all probability, you have been overwhelmed by countless doubts. You have asked hundreds of questions with the hope of finding answers in those who have already passed, asking for suggestions and advice from friends and relatives who seem to know more than you on how to prepare for the birth of a child. The truth is that there is no vademecum to follow. There is no formula that can be valid for everyone. It is possible to attend courses accompanying childbirth and birth to stimulate one’s parenting skills and acquire new awareness.

Facing the arrival of a new life is a unique and unrepeatable event. Holding your child in your arms for the first time, feeling that all the love you can feel is reflected in his eyes and is enclosed in his embrace are inexplicable sensations. You will be surprised to see his sweet little face and to perceive your finger tight between his little hands. How much tenderness! No advice, no comments, no speeches will ever prepare you for all this.

However, there are some recommendations provided by Unicef, to be followed immediately after birth, which indicate how to put the newborn in contact with the mother, encouraging the latter to understand when the baby is ready to feed. Skin-to-skin contact is fundamental: it represents the moment when the child recognizes his mother through the five senses. The infant perceives its smell, its skin, its voice, feels the beating of its heart. In the two hours immediately following the birth (the so-called sensitive period), the bond between the parents and their baby is created and consolidated.

In addition to these emotional aspects, do not forget that the birth of a baby involves some bureaucratic fulfillments. Continue reading my article to find out what documents are needed for the birth report and to know what the certificate of birth assistance is; after which you will find the interview with the psychologist Francesca Zippy. The birth declaration allows the formation of the birth certificate, therefore the personal identity, the acquisition of the name and the citizenship. If the mother wishes to remain anonymous, the birth declaration will be made by the doctor or midwife, respecting the mother’s possible will. Ciara Confirms She Is Pregnant With Baby Number Three, Her Second With Russell Wilson. To find out how to prepare for the birth of a child, we interviewed Francesca Zippy, a psychologist, psychotherapist and head of the prevention area of ​​the Reich institute. He deals with individual and group psycho-body psychotherapy and primary prevention, with particular reference to childbirth preparation, birth and parenting support.

It is important to know that a profound transformation of oneself and the couple is under way. Often the expectation of a child becomes only an enrichment of notions or information on what should or should not be known or done. This can lead to an exasperated control of the transformations and changes taking place, living the expectation with tension and looking for the support and reassurances one needs in medicalization in general. For both women and men, I like to think of the time of waiting as a journey in which, abandoning the control and the tensions connected to it, we can entrust each other emotionally and emotionally to themselves and to the other .

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