How to make your survival kit: These are the products you need

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In an emergency, it is essential to have several items on hand that can help you survive an extreme situation. There are pandemics, wars, curfews, and many other emergency situations in which you will have to develop your hiking, so urban survival kit is the right place for you. For this same reason, it is advisable to have some gadgets on hand that will help you resist several days. List of products that show below can also be useful to take them in the car whenever you travel to mountainous areas or very far from an urban center.

Compulsory Tips

It is vital to know everything that surrounds us when we are in a dangerous or emergency. That is why the flashlight is a practical and necessary product every time we are going to do risky activities. Ideally, you should carry a dynamo flashlight everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about having batteries or plugs. This utensil will carry you up to 10 minutes of lighting , all you have to do is move the crank for one minute.

It is essential to have tools at hand to cut everything we need: firewood, plants, fabrics … The folding saw that we present below has a 3D profile for a clean cut, in addition, the blade is curved, therefore its sharp and precise cut. Before and after using it, you can block the saw in such a way that it does not pose a danger to anyone.

There are dynamo radios that can generate electricity and allow communication at all times. They are often used during high-risk situations, such as a hurricane season or sandstorms. The radio that we recommend has several functions: LED lights, alarm light and a USB input to charge your mobile or other devices.

During an emergency it is very likely that you will not have electricity, a great inconvenience when cooking something or getting warm. And, for this same reason, you must have a camping gas with which you can prepare the meals you need to survive. The Campinas brand is easy to assemble and carry, as it has a practical design and a carrying case.

The emergency blankets will provide heat in the event of being out in the open. It is recommended to take them whenever you go to cold areas in case there is an incident and you do not have shelter. They are waterproof, windproof, compact, and very light. They are often used during field exploration, travel or in the event of natural disasters.

If you are in a situation where you may find yourself in danger at some point, it is advisable to have some way of alerting someone immediately in an emergency, for example with a whistle. It is advisable to take them whenever you have an excursion through the countryside or the mountains, where it is much easier to get lost or suffer an incident. You just must whistle as many times as necessary until someone comes to your aid.

Wherever you go, especially if it is outdoors, you must always be hydrated. Canteens are the best companions for those who love hiking, survival, and any other adventure. The one we recommend is made of lightweight, durable aluminum and comes with a three-piece cookware set that includes a 1,000 ml water bottle, a 600 ml mug and a wood stove. If you want to always have drinking water, do not forget the water treatment tablets for any outdoor getaway. Also consider other hiking survival kits for sale for the safest hiking experience.

If we are outdoors, it will be exceedingly difficult to get access to electrical current to charge our devices. And considering that nowadays it is essential to be in communication, we recommend this charger that will charge your phone thanks to sunlight. It has two USB ports and a wireless technology that will allow charging of up to 4 devices at the same time. This panel absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity.

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