How to continue selling your beauty products following the coronavirus epidemic?

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As part of the Covid-19 epidemic, certain establishments open to the public were subject to an obligation to close. Delivery and order withdrawal activities remain authorized under certain conditions.

How to sell remotely?

You are a trader and you want to continue your activity, home delivery is a solution pending the end of the opening ban. As a reminder, establishments open to the public no longer have the right to open their doors to the public in order to limit the spread of the virus.  The activity inside the business, which cannot be postponed, remains authorized on condition that the door is closed and no customers are welcomed. Judicial police officers may penalize any breach of this imperative rule.

How to sell your products?

To ensure business continuity in your business, you can either sell your products through a website or offer them for sale directly. In the first case, payment will be made at the time of the order. In the second, the order is made remotely but payment is made at the time of delivery.  Attention, in the absence of payment at the time of placing the order, you must ensure that the customer will receive the product and that the barrier measures can be respected at the time of payment. For example, you will not be able to enter the person’s home while they are waiting for a check or you approach them to receive the money. Remote or contactless payments are therefore preferred.

What information should I provide to my client in the case of distance selling?

During the sale within an establishment, the prices and the essential characteristics of the product are known through display or oral exchanges. In the context of distance selling and to ensure consumer safety, it is necessary to communicate this information in writing. In addition, when the right of withdrawal exists, the conditions, the deadline and the procedures for exercising this right as well as the standard withdrawal form. In case of withdrawal, the cost of returning the goods when it, due to its nature, cannot normally be returned by post.

How to deliver the products ordered?

The regulations and the Ministry of the Economy give precise details of the rules to be observed during the confinement period. These rules are intended to protect the merchant and the customer from the risk of contamination.  Consequently, they are of strict application and cannot be excluded in your general conditions of sale. Barrier gestures must be reminded and respected by package preparers, deliverers and customers: wash your hands very regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief, use a disposable handkerchief and throw it away, greet without shake hands and without hugging, respecting a distance of 1 meter between people.

How to manage customer complaints?

The difficulty that may be encountered in the context of delivery is in particular the customer’s complaint. In principle, it must be made upon receipt. As part of the delivery rules during the confinement period, delivery is deemed to comply with the contract:  Or at the latest at the end of the period provided for in the contract; Or in the absence of a contractual provision, at midday of the first working day following the delivery.  It cannot be deemed compliant in the event of a complaint made by the client, by any means including electronically before the expiration of the period.

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