How To Choose The Best Medical Alert System For Your Needs

Piran Tarapore
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How To Choose The Best Medical Alert System For Your Needs

Medical alert systems are alarm systems that signal the presence of a medical emergency to concerned authorities. Initially, they were used by elderly and differently-abled people who live alone.

However, more recently, they are being used on a much broader scale. If you are thinking about buying a medical alert system, there are a few things that you must keep in mind beforehand.

  • Who will be the user of this system

People who use medical alert systems are usually seniors with an overwhelming majority. However, many young people are differently-abled who also use these systems, including many families with children.

As most of these alert systems are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the user, you should be sure as to who will be the primary beneficiary of this system.

Moreover, whichever system you decide to buy, you must tell the vendor who will be the end user of it.

  • What you need the system to do

There are many different types of medical alert systems. Some are like a panic alarm with a call for help; others can do a whole lot of tasks. These include fall prevention, medical monitoring, activity monitoring, fitness tracking, among many others.

More elaborate systems will come with more machinery and sensors which will be installed all over your house. Before buying, make sure what features you need from your medical alert system.

  • What type of equipment do you want 

As we said earlier, different systems come with different equipment which, in turn, performs various functions. Whatever the equipment is, you must make sure that it meets specific criteria.

For example, it should be water-proof and should be able to withstand harsh weather. Are there any wearable components? If yes, are they comfortable enough to wear at all times? Besides these questions, you can also ask the vendor about its range, mobility and battery life.

Another important concern is regarding the logistics to set it up. If the installation is cumbersome, it might be difficult for you to move between houses.

  • Monitoring and response details

Response time is one of the most critical elements of any medical alert systems. For the best systems, the average response time is in seconds. You must make sure that the system you choose also has a comparable response time.

For this, you can ask about the quality of their response centre and the dispatchers. Does the company operate its own centres or outsource it? How well trained are the operators, and what languages can they speak? Cybersecurity is another issue that you must keep in mind while choosing an alert system.

  • Pricing and cost

Many systems in the market have ridiculous hidden fees or complex pricing plans which can cause billing to go into thousands of dollars. Others have ludicrously long contracts and make you pay in advance for that.

Beware of all these traps and stay alert. You definitely want to get an affordable alert system that charges a monthly fee and doesn’t tie you to a long term contract.

Also, please make a note of the cancellation policies and any guarantees in case you’re not satisfied with their service.

  • Customer service and experience

Experience is the most critical factor while choosing any service provider. It is an agreed-upon principle to relate more experience with better quality service, which can also be applied here.

Remember to choose a company that has been in this business for a while and knows the job thoroughly. Moreover, you would also want to ascertain the customer satisfaction of their existing customers.

You can read online reviews regarding the same, and if they are not positive, then it might be a red flag.

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