How to Choose Custom Soap Boxes Color Palette?

Nicole Ann Pore
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A color palette is one of the most important considerations when it comes to building a brand. Besides your brand values, font style, and tone of voice, a defined color palette helps your audience understand why you are here and what exactly you proffer. This enables the brands to attract the right customers and grow their sales.

According to the head of design at The Legacy Printing, choosing the right color palette is no different than putting the right clothes every morning. It tells the audience what your brand represents and what it stands for.

Nailing to select the right colors for your brand will help you define the look and feel of your custom soap boxes, business cards, official website, flyers, and other marketing material.. It’s an excellent way to keep your brand consistent and recognisable. You can also partner with a good Packaging Design Agency London to help boost your sales fast.

Get a Dose of Color Inspiration                                          

Start with a dose of color inspiration. You can seek inspiration from almost anywhere, ranging from nature to interiors, fashion, packaging, and more. The color palette is just as important as your brand values. To create a mood board, use different colors and illustrations you feel are closely in-line with your brand color palette.

An easy way to create a dedicated board of color palette is by seeking inspiration from your favorite artists that you follow on Instagram. Pinterest is another platform that can be used to create a board of color palettes. The platform is a perfect resource for sharing and pooling content boards with others. You can use Pinterest to widen your color inspiration for custom soap boxes.

Understand Color Psychology in Marketing 

When you conduct the research, you will come to know whether you are inclined towards cool or warm shades. The hues used by your brand projects your brand values and personalities as they set customers’ frame of mind and mood.

The basic idea behind using colors is that each shade is associated with a specific mood or value, helping you evoke the right emotions to drive the sales. That’s why understanding color psychology is critical to achieving success. Some of the hues are slightly more subtle, whereas others are instinctive; whichever you choose will have a profound impact on how your soap and brand is perceived. So judiciously pick the colors for your custom soap box packaging.

Here are some common color palettes and their associations:

Yellow: The sunny and bright hue is from the warm side of the color wheel. It is often associated with positivity and frequently embraced by leading brands. McDonald’s, for instance, has incorporated that color in the Happy Meal packaging with the pure red to make it more fun and engaging.

Green: This particular color palette is reminiscent of growth and nature. If your soap exudes a Tropicana vibe, you can use the hue to promote your soaps better. Whether you pick the rich forest green or stick with the vibrant lime shade, the attractive color can work wonders for your brand.

Blue: The key benefit of using blue is to portray calmness, which is a sign of stability. At the same time, blue also represents H2O, which is directly associated with the soaps and an ideal way to market your product.

Red: The fiery hue represents passion, energy, and excitement. Products that targeted towards younger audiences frequently use this color to reflect energy and high-adrenaline. For example, athletes can often be seen promoting soaps that help maintain hygiene, and red color is usually the top pick for such products. Why? It seamlessly aligns with the values of these products.

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