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Alton Clarke
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Happiness – isn’t that what everyone struggles to find and maintain? Nobody is always happy, but some are definitely more satisfied than others. Research reveals that achieving happiness has little to do with material goods or large enterprises; it all boils down to the approach to life and the quality of your relationships.

Try to be optimisticIn the 1970s, researchers followed people who had won the lottery, finding that a year later, they were no longer happy with people who had not won the lottery. This phenomenon is called “Hedonistic Adaptation”, and suggests that each of us has a ‘basic level’ of happiness. Regardless of what happens, be it good or bad, the effect on our happiness is temporary; once “finished” the human being tends to return to the basic level. Some people have a higher level than others, and this is partly due to genetic conformations, but is influenced mainly by the way you “think”. So while this article will help you boost your happiness, just improving your attitude towards life will permanently improve it. Here are some excellent points to take inspiration from:

Always try to have something to accomplish. It is important to get up every morning with the awareness of working to achieve a goal. Having something to accomplish makes you see the “grand scheme of things” and you won’t feel like you’re working mechanically, without actually concluding anything. Do something for someone else; when you do something deeply important, you find that inspiration comes naturally.

Follow your instinct. During an experiment, two groups of people were asked to choose a poster to take home. The first group should have done so by analyzing the motivation, pros and cons, while the second group was suggested to follow their instincts. The result … two weeks later, the group that made the decision without thinking too much about it was happier with their posters than the ones who had the choice well thought out. Porsha Williams Makes Fans Happy With This Announcement – She Also Denies Being Replaced By Eva Marcille On Dish Nation. Now, some of our decisions are more important than choosing a poster, but once you have carefully considered the decision, the options to weigh are probably very similar, and the difference will only affect your happiness temporarily. So the next time you have a decision to make, and you only have two or three options left, choose the one you feel is right and let yourself go. Never regret your decisions anyway. Live according to the 3 C rule of life: Choices, Chances, Changes (Choices, Opportunities, and Changes). It is necessary to make a decision to have an opportunity, or your life will never change. Following your instinct in every regard isn’t always going to bring happiness, but it can sometimes bring closure. Take the following example, if you have a loved one has died, but you feel like it was under suspicious circumstances, following your instinct in this case could lead you to homicide lawyers who could help you get the closure you need in order to move forward with your life and be happy. Learn more here.

Earn enough money to cover your basic needs: food, a roof and clothes. In the United States, for example, the magic number is $ 40,000 a year. Any figure beyond that doesn’t necessarily mean being happier. Remember the lottery winners we talked about earlier? Once you manage to earn enough to support your basic needs, your happiness will not be affected by how much money you have, but by your level of optimism.

Surround yourself with friends and family: or move to where they live, so you can see them more often. We live in a society in constant movement, where people chase work around the continent and sometimes even around the world. We do this because we think that rising wages will make us happier, when, in fact, our relationship with family and friends has a far greater impact on our happiness. So, the next time you think about a transfer, consider that you need an increase of over $ 100,000 to make up for the loss of happiness you would be leaving with family and friends. In any case, if the relationships with family and friends are not exactly the best, or even non-existent, and you tend to move elsewhere, choose a location where you will earn the same amount of money as everyone else; according to research, people feel more financially secure (and happier) when they live in a context with similar economic bases, regardless of the specific amount of money involved.

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