How to Automate Deployment in Azure Virtual Machines? 

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Microsoft Azure has emerged as a top platform, enabling companies to develop and maintain their applications effectively and securely as cloud computing transforms the IT environment. The Azure Virtual Machine (VM), a scalable and adaptable computing resource that enables users to run apps, host websites, and carry out other operations in the cloud, is a crucial part of Azure’s architecture. This blog post will discuss the importance of automating deployment in Azure Virtual Machines and how doing so may speed up your path to Microsoft Azure Certification

Table of Contents 

• What is Microsoft Azure Certification 

• How to Automate Deployment in Azure Virtual Machines 

o Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates 

o Azure CLI and PowerShell 

o Azure DevOps for Continuous Deployment 

o Azure Automation and Runbooks

o Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets 

• Why Automate Deployment in Azure Virtual Machines? 

• Conclusion 

What is Microsoft Azure Certification? 

Microsoft Azure Certification shows competency and knowledge in this top cloud computing platform. It provides a selection of certificates to provide professionals with the abilityto develop, deploy, and manage Azure systems successfully. These credentials prove a candidate’s proficiency with various Azure services and tools, including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure App Services, Azure Storage, and more. By earning a Microsoft Azure Certification, individuals expand their career options in the cloud sector and establish themselves as knowledgeable Azure experts, making them important resources for businesses eager to harness Azure’s potential.

How to Automate Deployment in Azure Virtual Machines? 

Here is the process to automate deployment in Azure virtual machines: 

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates 

Declarative JSON files called ARM templates describe how Azure resources are configured and built. You may automate the whole VM deployment procedure, including network configurations, storage, and other requirements, by defining custom templates. 

Azure CLI and PowerShell 

Powerful command-line tools that let you interface with Azure services include Azure CLI and PowerShell. You may automate and reproducibility by utilising these tools to script VM deployment. 

Azure DevOps 

Azure DevOps provides a comprehensive set of development tools that includes Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. These pipelines allow you to automate every step of the application deployment lifecycle, including VM provisioning.

Azure Automation 

Using runbooks, Azure Automation enables you to automate monotonous and tedious processes. One can create customisedscripts to automate the deployment and configuration of Azure Virtual Machines through runbooks. Additionally, Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets can also be utilised.

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets may automatically create and manage additional VM instances based on demand for applications that need scalable VM resources. 

Why Automate Deployment in Azure Virtual Machines?  

Manual deployment of Azure Virtual Machines may be time-consuming and error-prone when working with complicated settings or many instances. The deployment process may be automated for several reasons: 

1. Automation drastically saves deployment time by removing manual interaction and enables quick provisioning of VMs and apps.  

2. The consistency of settings across all instances is ensured through automated deployments, lowering the possibility of human mistakes and increasing dependability.  

3. With automation, you can scale up or down your apps and respond automatically to shifting needs.  

4. You may reuse an automated deployment procedure you’ve already developed for the following projects, saving you time and work.  

5. Automation aids in resource utilisation optimisationthrough the simplification of deployment procedures, resulting in cost savings. 


Azure Virtual Machines are no different from other contemporary cloud computing systems because automation is essential. You may improve efficiency, consistency, and scalability in Azure VMs by adopting automated deployment, making it easier to manage your cloud infrastructure. Additionally, obtaining a Microsoft Azure Certification might help you stand out as a qualified and proficient cloud specialist as businesses increasingly seek talented Azure experts.

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