How Sleep Strengthens Your Immune System?

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We all are aware that a good night’s sleep is very important to fight against many sicknesses. Sleep is the armour for overall good health and wellness. Several studies have stated the benefits of sleep and recently, scientists have reported that sleep enhances immune cells or T-cells that aids in fighting off infection from the body. By sleeping for seven to eight hours each night, you can remain active and healthy, but it is also a known fact that getting the required sleep is quite challenging nowadays, due to the various distractions we are accustomed to.

Studies have explained that sleep deprivation is almost equal to consuming alcohol, causing various effects on our overall health and brain. Are you wondering how sleeping boosts the immune system? Well, sleep helps the body to obtain rest and repair cells on its own which is highly important for the immune system.  When you do not sleep properly or sleep-deprived, there are chances that you feel tired and unwell. This is the reason many physicians prescribe to take rest after surgeries or when the person is not well. By sleeping, your body could recover from any kind of illness.

Sleep enhances the cells and proteins of the immune system to determine and destroy germs and bugs. This way, our body can fight against the germs or virus any time in the future. In simple words, sleep enhances the immune response of the body and it is important to get sufficient sleep every day.

Tips to Safeguard Your Mental And Physical Health With Sleep!

Many people are sleep deprived which indirectly affects their mental and physical health.  Are you wondering how to get the quality sleep that is required for your body? Check out these practical tips that will help you in the long run:

Keep the Bedroom Cool, Quiet, and Dark

Keeping the bedroom cool and dark helps a great extent to get that quality sleep you always yearned for.  Using quality drapes to cut out light is a cool idea but if you have poor quality blackout drapes, you can also utilize eye shades. Maintain the right temperature that suits you and your partner.  You can also use a phone app or white noise machine that assists in creating a calm living space.

Follow a Bedtime Routine

One of the main reasons people experience sleep deprivation is because of irregular sleep schedules. It is best to train your body and mind to go to sleep automatically at a particular time. Some people have the habit of sleeping late hours during weekends and sleep early during the weekdays. Ensure to follow the same schedule throughout the week to see good results in yourself. Avoid drinking caffeine before going to bed. Reading a book or listening to soothing music is very relaxing and help you sleep sooner. Start settling down in the bed one hour before, this way, your body would get prepared to sleep.

Do Not Consume Drinks And Food That Affect Your Sleep

Acidic, overly rich, spicy, or fried foods make your night turning and tossing. Avoid carbonated beverages and alcoholic drinks before sleep. Moreover, such foods will wake you by causing dehydration at midnight.  Try to eat dinner 2 hours before you sleep, it helps a great deal in digestion and helps you sleep better.

Step Outside your House

It is recommended to go outside to standardize the everyday system, that is the timekeeper for the wake and sleep cycle. When you go outside, ensure to exercise for about ten minutes in the form of gardening, stretching, cycling, running and walking to reap the benefits of sleep. Natural light allows the body to be on schedule.

These are some of the small measures you can take to assist your body in obtaining better sleep.

Sleeping Consistently Enhances Heart Health!

Research has been conducted to determine the association between heart health and sleep and the results showcased that due to sleep deprivation, a person has increased chances for coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. The quality of sleep should be consistent every night. If you are suffering from sleep apnea disorder or insomnia, you have to discuss with your medical practitioner.

Besides these tips, ensure to sleep on a natural and comfortable mattress. There are several kinds and types of mattresses available nowadays. Choose mattresses that are made up of durable and of premium quality.

Experts from Wakefit opine that memory foam mattresses not only improve your sleep quality but also aids in back pain issues. It can regulate body temperature and dissipate moisture. Thus, sleeping on a quality mattress helps you to wake up to better mornings, assisting to focus on your goals and conquer dreams that are within reach.  Now, it is the best time to buy a good mattress and improve your health and sleep pattern.

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