How SEO and Google Search Console Can Help You as a Blogger

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Google Search Console is a common tool used by many experts in the field of digital marketing and SEO. However, this powerful tool can also be beneficial for anyone who’s trying to build a brand, business, or image online.

For many people today, blogging has become a more conventional way of starting a career on the internet. Many bloggers and influencers can create a whopping impact when it comes to how companies market their products and services.

Being a successful blogger does not only mean establishing an image in social media, it also means building networks and online platforms that can reach wider audiences. This is why familiarizing yourself with SEO and tools like Google Search Console is considered essential when it comes to making a name for yourself as a blogger or influencer.

How Does SEO Help Your Online Image?

Understanding SEO or search engine optimization is important if you want to bring more exposure to your online platforms. SEO deals with improving different aspects of your website to have a better ranking in search engine results.

Let’s say for example, as a blogger, you want to be known for your cooking expertise and recipes. If a person types a specific recipe that you might have on your website, practicing SEO can help you land a higher ranking in the first pages of search results even though other websites offer the same type of recipe.

Practicing efficient SEO and utilizing tools such as Google Search Console is always a great way to boost your name at the beginning of your blogging career. With many other blogs competing within the same industry, it gives you the advantage that you need to kickstart your journey as a blogger.

SEO may also require you to make changes and modifications to your website to improve user experience. For some, hiring an SEO specialist onset of your blogging career can be beneficial if you want to learn the ropes yourself. Creating a strategic plan to help you boost your online platforms is always the ideal way to establish any type of online presence.

Google Search Console in SEO

As aforementioned, Google Search Console is a powerful tool that can provide you with tons of helpful information when building your online branding. It provides data that can help you better analyze and create an SEO strategy to improve and modify your website to get more traffic and land you higher search rankings.

Google Search Console also helps you fix or monitor your website in search results. Since it provides different types of helpful information, you can plan your next action of site improvement. A good example is how it can provide you with the current keywords that get your website traffic. Knowing the right keywords to use is essential so you can incorporate them more into your future content.

Google Search Console can also let you know what or how many pages of your website are landing on Google’s index. Additionally, it can also help you see which ones are not being indexed and therefore can help you determine what needs to be improved.   

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