How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce?

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4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

Learn the best way to prepare for a divorce without putting your financial future in jeopardy. Meeting with a divorce attorney in Indianapolis can help you prepare for the difficult but necessary process of legal separation from your spouse.

1. Think about your kids

It’s hard to imagine the impact of divorce on your children’s lives. At a time when you need all your emotional strength and energy to keep it together, it’s also important to focus on making life as normal as possible for your children. Talk to your spouse about co-parenting in a peaceful and seamless way, aiming for as little disruption as possible to your kids’ daily lives. Most importantly, don’t let your kids get stuck in the middle of your divorce. If your spouse attempts to use the children to take control of the situation, have a frank discussion with them and seek legal advice from a divorce lawyer in Indianapolis with years of experience and training.

2. Anger hurts you

No matter why you divorce, there is likely to be some anger involved. Though you may have a right to be angry at your ex-spouse, your anger is likely to hurt you more than it will hurt them. Seek counseling if it will help you let go of your anger and move on. Thinking with a clear head will help you make the best long-term decisions.

3. Never threaten to file for divorce before you are ready

This can be the most crucial thing to consider before getting a divorce. Because it can really affect your partner and he or she can start divorce planning, shifting assets, and positioning them behind your back.

So, it is highly recommended to take your time and plan things beforehand. Then file for divorce when you get your affairs in order. In fact, before you talk to your spouse, talk to a local divorce attorney in Indianapolis to learn how to best protect your interests throughout the proceedings.

4. Don’t make a decision in a rush

No matter how angry you become, it’s important not to rush into a divorce. This decision affects the rest of your life and rushing ahead before you’re ready can burn bridges that you may not be able to rebuild.

When you can calmly and rationally talk through your decision, it’s safe to move ahead. Those in emotional pain often make poor decisions. So, before you blurt out a demand for divorce or ask your spouse to move out, make sure it’s the right decision for the entire family.

What to Do Before Starting the Process?

Before starting the process, hire a divorce attorney in Indianapolis who can provide excellent legal representation. Keep in mind that you can’t believe everything your spouse tells you at this point and you need someone solidly in your court to guide you through the process. If you are looking for an experienced divorce lawyer in Indianapolis, you can hire Trapp Law, LLC to help you deal with divorce matters.

Here are a few tips to help you stay organized before beginning divorce proceedings:

  • Speak with your attorney about what documents you will need for the divorce and keep them in a safe place away from the home. Include originals or copies of past tax returns, investments statements, life insurance policies, bank statements, and automobile titles.
  • Ensure that you have credit cards solely in your name to make it easier when it comes time to divide the assets.
  • Make sure you’re ready to take on the day-to-day tasks that your spouse handled.

If you are the spouse with limited access to financial resources, make sure you have enough funds prepared for at least three months. That way, if your spouse cuts you off, you have a cushion to fall back on. Your attorney may get you additional financial support, but it could take time.

How Much Does Divorce Really Cost?

According to a survey by Nolo, the average divorce costs at least $12,900, with a median cost of $7,500.

Some of the factors that influence costs include the following:

  • Location
  • Whether child support or alimony are requested
  • Whether you can settle outside of court or go to trial

The average cost of divorce is $12,900 and the median cost is $7,500 according to a survey of legal website Nolo. Divorces that go to trial are substantially more expensive because of the added legal fees. So, it’s in the best interest of both parties to settle out of court if at all possible.

Besides paying for your Indiana divorce attorney, you also have to cover the filing fees associated with divorce. For instance, you could pay as little as $80 to file for divorce in Washington DC or over $400 in several states, including California.

The right legal professional can protect your rights regarding child support, custody, and the division of marital property.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Indianapolis, choose one that can handle a variety of divorces, including those contested by the other spouse, those involving military personnel and uncontested divorces. Additionally, it’s important to find a divorce attorney in Indianapolis who speaks plainly so that you can understand what’s going on with every step of the journey.

Choosing an attorney to help you file for divorce doesn’t have to be stressful. After all, you have enough on your plate. The Indiana divorce lawyers at Trapp Law have you covered inside and outside the courtroom. Contact our offices today to set up a no-obligation, no-hassle consultation.

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