How Lewis Raymond Taylor Went From Zero to Hero

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A great International level speaker and a skilled business Trainer Lewis Raymond Taylor’s name needs no introduction. He has faced several adversities beginning with a sex-related assault faced at age 11 to becoming sentenced to 1 . 5 years prison when he has been 24. Life has provided him some really poor surprises and troubles to deal with and still convinces him to become at the position he is in.

He was released from jail in 2015 and thereon he made it as a challenge to bring his life back again on track. Lewis proved helpful upon his training and personal development and very soon he had founded himself being a respected name on the market. Once his mental illness has been tackled he launched his own online training platform named The Coaching masters. This platform provides training to coaches and helps them create their business by using digital marketing.

With the Coaching masters, Lewis Raymond Taylor is working on creating younger, sharper, and much more impactful coaches. The complete training is an online effort as well as the coaches can take on it in the convenience of their homes as well. Using a focussed process he has had the opportunity to guide a lot of people to leave their jobs and yet earn a solid amount every month.

This present position has not arrived at Lewis on a platter. When in prison he decided that he cannot keep destroying his life like this. Post coming out he moved on to a quest of redefining his life. He even underwent rehabilitation therapy at a center and volunteered for charitable organisation activities. It really is during these situations that he realized that he produced the utmost pleasure by helping others.

This is a life-changing moment as Lewis decided to utilize the adversities he had confronted in life to advise people to cope with similar problems. The decision to become life coach furthermore followed soon after. He began by helping and guiding people through Social media and within six months his fresh career had launched.

Lewis then founded the company, The Coaching masters which is a 7-figure international training training system that deals with the training of coaches. He’s furthermore a motivational speaker and has dealt with seminars in various countries. Managing a team of 25  like-minded people Lewis has changed his life in the most drastic way feasible.

He does not even consider his past life and has not touched liquor since those days. Lewis says that he always wanted to bring a change to his existence but had never ever imagined that he would be the guiding left in many additional people’s lives too.

Lewis is easily availablle on Social media and his follower’s count is approximately 40,000 plus. He has had the opportunity to create a 6-figure online business in just a matter of months and that is no mean feat considering what a awful past he’s got had. An international content originator Lewis has produced a huge change in the way in which digital marketing businesses operate and his attempts to help others generate a substantial amount is also winning him accolades.


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