How do I Move Cross- Country From LA to NY?

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We’ve all probably experienced the dread of having to move from one place to another. Along with that comes the burden of planning and organizing a mass move while juggling our job and daily affairs simultaneously. In short, moving is tedious in general and moving from L.A to N.Y is even harder, especially if the plan isn’t well thought out. Luckily there are experienced professionals that can assist you by making your long distance move a lot less stressful.

How Much Does it Cost to Move From Los Angeles to New York?

As with anything, the cost of moving from Los Angeles to New York will depend heavily on the amount of possessions in tow. With that in mind, a cross-country move can cost you anywhere from $5000-$8000. The factors which determine the cost of the move are the distance of the move, weight of the items, and any other additional services such as packing, furniture disassembly, etc.

Is LA or NYC Better?

If you’re a foodie and culinary exploits are something that you enjoy, then making a choice between Los Angeles and New York could be harder than first expected. However, when it comes to fast food specifically, New York is king—this is due to the sheer abundance of choices on each and every corner that you can find. However, according to reviews from others who have made the move, LA has better dine out options than New York. 

All in all, factors such as weather, cultural diversity, employment and educational opportunities will be different in each city. Your personality will be the ultimate determinant of which city feels like home.

What Should You Not Move Long Distance?

When deciding on what to pack and what to leave, be sure that everything that you have packed is certified for transport. There are certain items that are not permitted for transport according to the moving company’s policies, and various laws. 

Here are some of those items, to help you better prepare yourself for packing: 

  • Perishable foods
  • Pets
  • Plants 
  • Irreplaceable items

These are all items that the moving company won’t touch. To avoid any potential problems, request the list of non-allowed items from your moving company of choice beforehand.

What about packing?

 Now that you know what can’t be transported by the moving company, how long before moving should you start packing?

Well, when moving cross-country, it is imperative to begin moving preparations 6-8 weeks in advance. Taking on such a big job requires a lot of planning and you don’t want to be caught off guard by any unexpected hiccups. Moreover, you should begin packing 3 weeks prior to your actual move date to ensure that you’re not scrambling at the last minute and exhausting yourself to no end.

What is the Best Way to Pack Clothes When Moving?

In addition to using the right supplies, here are 5 more packing methods and tips for prepping for the move.

  • Keep your folded clothes in dresser drawers
  • Be sure to line your suitcases and boxes with packing paper
  • Protect your jewelry with plastic baggies
  • Reuse old shoe boxes for packing purposes 

Are There Any Good Moving Companies in Los Angeles?

Though there are other moving companies that are suitable, CNYX stands out amongst the others. Top-tier service, a friendly and dedicated staff, and a professionally managed relocation of what you’ll get if you select us for your moving needs. 

We offer full service moving assistance as well for those who would like to simply sit back and watch on moving day. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have about making a coast-to-coast move. Located in several major cities for your convenience, we’re at your disposal when needed. Call us today to set up a consultation!


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