GL Homes Continue To Grow in 55-Plus Communities in Florida

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The state of Florida has long been home to retirement communities. With the warm weather, favorable taxes, and general proximity to the southern East Coast, it was identified years ago as a place to move away and enjoy a different stage of life.

GL Homes is one of the top developers that’s been able to help more than 100,000 people become homeowners in the Sunshine State.

Now boasting over 45 years of experience, how are GL Homes still growing as a company? How did they go from a small, local builder to one of the biggest in the state? The humble beginnings have turned into something great, and there’s still plenty of room to grow moving forward.

What is GL Homes?

This company has operated since 1976 as a leader in creating communities and building homes in some of the most desirable locations around Florida. They specialize in Florida only, with all their communities sprinkled along the east and west coast of the state.

They offer affordable communities like Valencia Walk at Riverland in Port St. Lucie and Valencia Del Sol in Tampa. They also have solutions for clients looking for more premium and luxurious homes at Lotus and Lotus Palm in Boca Raton. Being able to fit specific needs within the state makes GL Homes easy to work with.

What Makes GL Homes Different?

Knowing so much about the state of Florida is a great starting point for GL Homes. People look to move to the Sunshine State for a specific reason, and working with a company that knows how to give people what they want makes a big difference.

Most come to the homebuilders wanting to live the Florida lifestyle in a home that is unique to the area. That’s where a 55-plus community provides all that and more.

Amenities like recreation centers, pools, trails, and more keep people fit. Then there are restaurants, art centers, cultural events, and social gathering options nearby for entertainment.

For competitors, cutting costs as builders have been an ongoing trend in the last few years. It’s a huge problem in Florida, as builders hope customers won’t see or care about substandard techniques.

However, GL Homes has always used the highest quality materials, the best construction techniques, and top-notch workers who pride themselves on outstanding craftsmanship. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter experience with this homebuilder.

They cater specifically to Florida to maximize the living experience for clients. That can mean preparation for the worst hurricane and proper drainage systems for those summer showers. Florida receives a lot of harsh weather each year, and a construction team needs to know how to prepare appropriately.

Why is Florida So Desirable For 55-Plus Communities?

A picture provided by GL Homes of happy clients enjoying their new home


Florida has a warm and sunny climate that’s appealing to many people, especially those who want to escape the colder climates of the north.

This is mainly talked about during the winter months in the north. Some people who have the money to do so will keep their homes in colder states and then live in Florida for part of the year, usually in the winter. GL Homes is happy to work with those affectionately referred to as “snowbirds.”

Communities also take advantage of the great weather with plenty of outdoor activities that can be done 12 months of the year—very few locations in the United States make year-round outdoor activities possible.


The cost of living in Florida is generally lower compared to other states, particularly in terms of property taxes and insurance. This makes it an attractive place for those on a fixed income.

At the top of many people’s lists as far as Florida is concerned is that there is no state income tax. Depending on a person’s tax bracket, that can save a lot of money every year. Suddenly, shoppers can afford a much bigger and more expensive house.


Florida has a wide range of amenities and activities that appeal to 55-plus and retired individuals, including golf courses, beaches, fishing, and cultural events.

All of the communities in GL Homes’ portfolio are on the coast. That means in just a short amount of time; homeowners can get to the ocean and enjoy life on the beach.


Florida has a robust healthcare system, with many hospitals and facilities in the state. This is important for retired, older individuals with specific healthcare needs.

When working with 55-plus communities, the unspoken truth is that this could be the last move in a person’s or family’s life. Getting it right and being near solid healthcare whenever needed provides peace of mind.

Proximity to Family

Many move to Florida to be closer to family members who may already live there. It’s becoming much more popular for non-retirement-age people to take advantage of the state. They either work for businesses based in Florida or take remote jobs.

Even if the family still lives in the north, the major cities have easy flights to the East Coast and Midwest. It generally takes only two or three hours by plane to get anywhere east of the Mississippi River.

Future Plans of GL Homes

With so many clients satisfied with what GL Homes offers, it makes sense to keep doing exactly what has been working over the last several decades. Their focus on quality in any price range makes the dream of owning a home in Florida that much more attainable.

This homebuilder remains focused on personalized care even with steady growth. When shoppers find a perfect home, they love sharing that experience with others looking in Florida. It also builds up repeat business in the family down the road. GL Homes reviews can be found on many different sites; if you want to build with GL Homes, learn more through their social media channels and website.

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