Getting and Keeping Attention for Your Store Location

Nicole Ann Pore
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Getting someone’s attention to focus on your store might start online with your website or at the storefront with an air dancer. Either way, you have to implement a strategy that gets people through your door. This may include offering special deals, keeping an impeccably clean outside, great window displays, and more. Once you get people into your store, you need to keep their attention. It starts with customer service and expands into a greater experience that the customer can remember and feel good about.

Get Their Attention: Online

Your website may be your most powerful tool for converting online shoppers into buyers, but did you know you can also leverage to convert those customers into guests at your location. By offering in-store deals, you can get people who want a better price to your physical location. If you offer “click and collect” shopping, you can also get more people into your shop. Even better, you’re giving them a convenient way to get their items, and choice makes your store look better as long as it’s executed well.

Get Their Attention: Street Level

Your physical location should be part of the reason you chose your store. If you want it to stand out, you need to use signs, air dancers, or feather flags that people can see from far away. As they get closer to your store, they should feel welcome. Flower baskets or other plants, a good paint job, and a clean sidewalk are all part of the appeal your store can offer. Take it a step further and design a gorgeous window front with a beautiful display that highlights your best sellers and tells a story.

Keep Their Attention: In-Store

Once the air dancer and the other steps you’ve implemented have done their job, you need to focus on the customer experience. Your employees need to be friendly, and your store needs to offer something that they couldn’t get online. If the customer gets a grumpy-faced employee and feels unwelcome, he or she may stop buying from you altogether. On the other hand, if the store experience makes them feel good about themselves, they will definitely come back. Beyond customer service, you can offer experiences like master classes, books signings, and tutorials. Demonstrations and tastings are also a good idea for bringing in and keeping customers. Harness the power of experiences, and your store will exceed your expectations.

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