Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

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Types, Cost & Procedure
If the Earth were one State, Istanbul would be the capital. The proverb above suffices to describe the beauty of Istanbul – one of the main cities in Turkey and contributes greatly to the health, wealth and historical status of the country. Turkey is a Eurasian country with 95 percent of its landmass in Asia, known for its rich culture and royal history. Turkey, a land that once belonged to some of the largest and most powerful empires in history, including the Ottoman Empire after the Greek, Roman, Persian and Byzantine empires.

How to choose the right surgeon and the right weight loss clinic in Turkey?
Choosing the right treatment with a qualified surgeon gives the right results. The Turkish Ministry of Health continues to inspect the clinics, it is level of cleanliness and its doctor’s license. It is best to check the required criteria for yourself.

Why is Turkey a popular medical destination for weight loss trips?
Besides Ankara, Istanbul, the Turkish capital, Antalya and Izmir are popular medical destinations where people prefer to seek treatment. This is possible due to the availability of medical resources, doctors, surgeons, hospitals and medical personnel. Popular medical destinations: 80 million people spread over an area of ​​almost 80,000 km². And Ankara, its capital, Istanbul is the well-known city with 15 million inhabitants. The Euro-Asian country displays its beauty in front of a million tourists every year, making it the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world. With Antalya to the south and Izmir to the west, the country offers 13 star luxury hotels at a reasonable price for a vacation to. Favorable climatic conditions in Turkey: The country’s climate is not temperate all year round. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the south coast of Turkey takes advantage of the refreshing sea breeze. However, the summer months from June to August are extremely hot. Meanwhile, the spring and fall seasons are fairly calm and cooler, while the winters are mild.

Getting around Turkey: Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, located 24 km away, is a popular destination for international travelers. Other cities have their own international and domestic airports. If Turkish Airlines is the main airline serving international and national airports, it is also served by the companies Onus Air, Atlas Global, IZair, Sun Express and Pegasus Airlines. For people who prefer to travel by land, there is a mode of transport available, such as rail links from Istanbul to Ankara. City buses are also available which are pocket friendly. Taxis are not expensive, but be sure to negotiate before you start your trip.

What are the weight loss procedures chosen by surgeons?
Gastric Bypass Surgery: People struggling with obesity for years and years tried to try more than one diet, take pills, and join a professional weight loss service, but failed to achieve any results long term. In such cases, weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, helps them lose weight with lasting results. Gastric bypass surgery is one of the weight-loss operations commonly performed in Turkey. It reduces the size of the stomach and bypasses part of the small intestine to reduce food consumption and calorie storage, which produces lasting results. The recovery time depends on the number and size required of the incisions. In laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, the length of stay is shorter compared to the conventional form of treatment where larger incisions are made. The doctor may prescribe a sufficient amount of vitamin B12, iron and calcium. You can return to your usual routine after 10 to 12 days.

Gastric balloon surgery: This is a non-surgical treatment procedure in which an FDA approved device is inserted into the stomach using only endoscopic methods. It is a minimally invasive approach compared to bariatric surgical methods. This process is applicable when the candidate is overweight or obese and has tried several diets and exercises that have not worked. The gastric balloon weight loss program helps patients lose 30 percent of their excess weight between month 6 and year 1.

Gastric Surgery:
This treatment is affordable and incomparable due to the lower cost of living in Turkey, inexpensive expenses, shorter waiting times and more. Patients traveling mostly from the UK can save up to 70 on their weight loss treatment due to the high exchange rate of the British pound against the Turkish lira. Also in Turkey, some health insurance companies cover weight loss treatment, which is a disadvantage in the UK, as the treatment is not covered by the National Health Service (NHS). In addition, the waiting period is longer and can be up to three or four years. During this period, obesity can become serious and cause other serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. The cost of the gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is 6,100 USD, which also includes tests, exams, one hotel night at 5, & drop service, 2-3 night hospital including all meals.
Gastric bypass surgery: Due to expensive treatments around the world and the longer waiting period, Turkey is a top destination for medical tourists. People travel to Turkey for affordable and accessible weight loss treatment and can save up to 70% on their treatment compared to other western countries. Turkey has proven to be beneficial with affordable medical care and reduced wait times. The cost of gastric bypass surgery is $ 7,200 and includes required tests, exams, translation services, hotel stay 5, free airport shuttle, hospital stay 2- 3 with all meals.

Gastric Sleeve:
This surgical method is applicable when all other methods fail, including diet, exercise, serving and pills. Gastric sleeve surgery, also called sleeve gastrostomy, is a method of weight loss treatment that involves removing part of the stomach, which results in less hunger and possibly weight loss. This surgical method offers various benign benefits that allow patients to reduce the percentage of their excess weight by approximately 70%. The resulting stomach resembles a banana-shaped “sleeve”.

Besides weight loss, this method also helps to reduce other health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, stroke cerebral and infertility. During recovery, the patient may experience symptoms of dumping syndrome, such as nausea, diarrhea, fainting and vomiting, which can be cured by using oral medication.

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