Famous women who married normal types and were not wrong

Celebrity romances ceased to be surprising for a long time, but famous actresses and models do not always choose the husbands of one of the Oscar nominees. Very often, their half-oranges are people who do not aspire to fame or popularity; however, they become good husbands and loving parents. Bright Side decided to tell some love stories with a happy ending in which these successful and world-famous beauties chose common men.

Randi and Cindy met during the filming of underwear commercial: the young man also tried his luck in the modeling business. Between them a romance began and, although the relationship at that time did not work, a great friendship remained.

Sometime later, Cindy married handsome actor Richard Gere, but the actor was not willing to have children. The marriage fell apart. Then, in the life of the supermodel Randi reappeared: they met again, and soon, Cindy herself proposed to her chosen one. The couple has been happily married for 20 years and raises two children with the same dazzling appearance as their parents: their daughter Kaya and their son Presley. The supermodel advises all girls to start a relationship with friendship: “Passion comes and goes, has its ups and downs, but if you feel really good with a person, then you will not find a stronger basis for excellent relationships.” By the way, Randi did not last long in the entertainment business: he was quite successful in opening clubs and restaurants, and now, together with Cindy and actor George Clooney, he develops his own brand of tequila.

The actress’s first marriage was not very happy: her husband, actor Ryan Philippe, was jealous of his wife’s success and popularity. After the divorce, Reese stayed with his two children. Soon, the actress tried to build a relationship with another famous actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, but it didn’t work either. As the actress admitted later, she was already desperate to find her love. But the relationship with the artistic agent Jim Thoth changed his life. Jessica Simpson Gushes Over Husband Eric Johnson In New Memoir And Writes He Helped Her Get Sober – Here’s How! The young man also worked in the film industry: he ran his agency, but for him, much more important than a career was the desire to have a family and children. Jim helps Reese balance household chores and her acting career, and always sincerely enjoys the success of his wife. They have been together for 7 years: they raise Reese’s children from their first marriage and their common child.

Knightley’s previous relationships were primarily linked to film productions and colleagues in the film industry, but never ended in marriage. Meanwhile, a casual encounter at a party with the keyboardist of the British band Klaxons unexpectedly had a happy ending. It’s funny, but Keera didn’t even suspect the existence of this group. James, of course, knew the well-known Hollywood actress well. It turned out that they had a lot in common: love for football and long walks, a passion for art. James quickly took the initiative in his hands: the marriage proposal was a surprise for the actress, but said “yes,” and the couple held a modest wedding. The actress married a dress from her wardrobe, and the celebration was attended by only 11 people close to the couple. They do not like to appear often in public, nor do they keep accounts on social networks, enjoy family comfort and raise their daughter named Edie.

Julianne met her future husband during the filming of a movie: Bart was filming his first movie, Returning Home, starring Moore. At that time, she was already a famous actress, while Freundlich was just beginning her career. Romance at work was something improper for the two of them, in addition, the 9-year-old difference played its fundamental role: they couldn’t decide whether to be together or not. But soon, the actress became pregnant and all the questions disappeared by themselves. Since then, the couple has not separated: they have been married for 22 years, raising their son and daughter together and deserve to be one of the strongest couples in Hollywood.

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