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Inspiring stories of young entrepreneur always attract people. Undoubtedly, they play an essential role in making a career of someone else. We all have some dreams and targets in life that we want to achieve, and every inspiring story adds more confidence in people. We are going to share a story of a young serial entrepreneur, who makes millions with his dedication and continuous hard work. Here are some details of him as listed:


Faiz Imran


18 years old


Georgia, America



High school:

Peachtree Ridge High school


Serial entrepreneur

Companies name:

  1. Fismma.com
  2. The Founder & CEO of Fismma Digital Agency
  3. CLIQ, a Social Media Platform
  4. thebusinessblurb.com
  5. enterprises & holdings
  6. Evercent

Life story:

Faiz Imran is 18 years old talented boy, who is well-known as the serial entrepreneur in business communities. He was only nine years old when he starts to sell candies in his primary school and start earning. After that, he works hard, and the everscent apparatus add fame in his life story and also become the reason for his present success.

Faiz releases it is the marketing that can make anything successful or flop so, he jumps into the digital marketing and starts working on his projects. In the beginning, he never gets any project because so-called mature people think that he is not mature enough to handle any project. Still, Faiz never negatively takes any criticism but make it his strength. Today, he is successful in establishing his own companies in which fismma.com is the first digital marketing company owned by him.

faiz imran

Some interesting facts about Faiz:

Here we are going to add some interesting facts about Faiz Imran, and these are including:

  1. In his childhood, he saves his money to start a business.
  2. He invests 8k in the stock market but unsuccessful.
  3. Fismma is a company where most of the employees are doing part-time jobs.
  4. He openly helps the people who want his assistance as he never wants to give any trouble or make them people suffer from his side.
  5. His net worth is growing every day, but currently, he has 2.4 million dollars in his accounts.
  6. He is also dealing with the property business in which his friend is also helping him.
  7. He has five cars and has a massive interest in cars.
  8. He loves travelling and used to visit many places in the world.

Moreover, we love to write more about him, but he never discloses about his personal life. So, if you are interested in contact with him, you can visit his website or DM on Instagram.

Contact him:

Faiz is active in his social media account, and if you need any types of assistance or consultancy, you are welcome to contact him from any convenient platform. Here we are going to mention his website and Instagram account’s address.

Website: @faizimran.com

Instagram: faizimran

You can visit him anytime, but it should be related to work and business.

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