Everyone is Participating in Outdoor Recreation: Fun Ways to Get Fresh Air You May Have Tried and A Few You Haven’t

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Did you know spending time outside can help boost your mental and physical health? If you want to learn about how to get more fresh air, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over unique things to do outside.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Go Stargazing

Consider going out on a Saturday evening to stargaze. Make sure you pack plenty of blankets, warm beverages, and snacks. Drive away from the city lights so you’ll get a good view of the night sky.

A nighttime road trip will be fun and refreshing.

Go Outside and Watch Birds

On a sunny day, head out to a local park and enjoy bird watching. Go on a trail and keep an eye out for different species of birds.

Research online to find out species of birds that call your local area home. Learn about common bird species. Bring a guide book and your binoculars.

You could also make your own path through the woods to find more birds. Learn how to build a trail.

 Head to a Campground for the Weekend

You can experience the great outdoors by going camping. If you don’t want to use a tent, you could always rent a small cabin in the woods or bring a camper trailer.

Enjoy going to a national park or a local campground nearby. While camping, you’ll get to enjoy bonfires, hikes, and boating adventures if you’re near a lake.

Try Mountain Biking

If you live near the mountains, try out this somewhat challenging outdoor activity. You can get a great workout and enjoy the view of the mountains.

Like hiking, you can find a mountain biking trail that fits your experience and fitness level.

Visit a Vineyard

A wine tour is a fun and different way to spend time outside and enjoy local wines. Go to a mountain vineyard to taste the wines and admire the scenery.

Ask your network if they could recommend any wineries. Invite a couple of friends and make a day trip of it. Consider spending the night at an Airbnb.

Head Out for a Hike

Hiking is a fun way to relax, get some fresh air, and exercise. Go to a local trail and practice social distancing guidelines. Bring your dog along, or ask a family member to go with you.

Look up local trails and choose one that matches your fitness level. If the path is super crowded, consider looking for another one.

Walk Around Your Neighborhood

If you need fresh air and don’t want to travel to a trail or park, consider going for a walk where you live.

You can rediscover local routes or explore new ones. Check out the app Map My Run if you’d prefer to go for a run. You’ll find existing walking and running routes.

Freshen up Your Garden

One way to get outside and get some fresh air is to clean up your garden. Go pick up fresh mulch, new plants, and tools. Have fun freshening up your garden beds and clearing out the weeds.

Having a garden space of your own is beneficial to your mental and physical health. You will spend more time outside and will get exposed to sunlight and fresh air.

Go for a Bike Ride

Instead of mountain biking, take your road bike for a ride around your neighborhood. You’ll maintain social distancing guidelines and get some exercise.

Try a new route each week so you can refamiliarize yourself with the neighborhood.

Complete Fitness Activities Outdoors

Community centers and gyms have closed their doors during the pandemic. To keep up with your fitness goals, exercise outdoors.

Go to your balcony, porch, or yard to complete some of your exercises. You can even bring your laptop and stream the online fitness class. You’ll find a bunch of free workout classes on YouTube.

Go Boating

When the weather warms up, consider heading out to the lake or beach. You can either go swimming or boating. Bring your kayak, canoe, or boat. Head out for a day of paddling with your friends and family.

Have a Sports Day With Family

Consider heading outside with your family to play basketball, frisbee, or volleyball. Have fun playing sports with your family.

To help motivate everyone, set up a little competition and pick up a fun prize for the winners.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

If you have kids, try this creative activity outdoors. Create a list of nature items that they’ll have to find.

Go for a walk through your local nature park and begin the scavenger hunt. Make sure you also pick up little prizes for the participants.

Explore With Your Camera

If you like to take pictures, go to a local nature park or beach with your camera. Take a few different shots. Spend your time walking around, looking for unique photo opportunities.

Sit Around a Bonfire

Invite some family and friends in your bubble to join you for a bonfire. You can spend a fun evening beneath the stars. Share stories, play the guitar, and roast marshmallows. If you have kids, show them how to build a fire.

 Have Fun Getting Fresh Air With These Activities

We hope this guide on different outdoor activities was helpful. Consider adding a bunch of these activities to a jar and picking an activity once a week.

Bring your family, pet, or friends along with you to get some fresh air.

Check out our other helpful resources on entertainment, technology, and more. RV Camping is another way to explore outside.


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