Emerging filmmaker Piran Tarapore meets fellow filmmakers at UA: PBC

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Forget the glitters, the red carpets and the black ties! Ukraine’s state-owned National Public Broadcasting Company, ‘National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine’ (UA: PBC) is emerging as the place to be for emerging film enthusiasts. They have a friendly and welcoming vibe and people can just be themselves – dress comfortably. Another edition of the National Filmmaking Fest held in Lviv, Ukraine in 2018, brought together future filmmakers and established authors. Funded by the National Government, the festival aimed to promote independent cinema.

Piran Tarapore presented his short film at the event. His short film is set on the importance of video marketing in the modern society, which is obsessed with mass entertainment. He said, “We live in a world where everything is entertainment, we publish posts, we take photographs constantly and are all living an artificial lifestyle.“

“We are in the middle of a crossword puzzle in which technology allows us to make many more films than in the past, but we miss the movements and ideologies we had in the 70s,” says Piran Tarapore. With his short film, Piran hopes to achieve that people begin to think about how they spend their marketing budget without thinking.

Piran Tarapore Explains Why You Should Start Video Marketing Immediately

Builds Trust

Confidence is the basis for company satisfaction and sales. The design of videos involves people and stimulates emotions. The creation of videos that deliver interesting or informative content to consumers is an excellent way to build trust and perhaps establish your company as your industry authority. Just words and images are not sufficient to persuade all customers to use their product or service. However, most people are sceptical about the same content being transferred to a video format.  Trust and sales can be powered by effective marketing images. 57 per cent of consumers say videos have given them greater confidence in online shopping, and the purpose for shopping is increased by 97 per cent for a customer who finds your video fascinating or entertaining!

Drives Sales and Reduces ROI

As people begin to understand your product, have confidence in your brand and recall your services, when they have to buy the product it is natural to turn to you! Actually, 74% of users who watched a product explanatory video subsequently purchased the product. Marketers also say the overall levels of video marketing have plummeted due to the high sales figures, whether you are recruiting or doing so a full production agency (through decent smartphones and nice, cheap video editing tools)!

Boosts SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

YouTube is Google’s second-largest search engine and as Google owns YouTube, Web-linked; widely circulated Web-based YouTube videos are search results on social media sites for YouTube. It is also critical that the use of the correct keywords in the titles and description and the association of your website, products and services optimize your YouTube videos for SEO. Videos from blogs also boost SERPs and increase visitors ‘ time on the site so that Google is alerted that this site has good content and scores the site higher. Videos on websites are also better.

Provides the Best Explanation

Usually, people need a live demonstration when it comes to new products and services. Although text and images are easier to create and view, customers aren’t working. Videos can provide your products and brand offers with the best information. In short, video-related explanation videos have massive conversion rates compared to pure product descriptions, but they are important to keep the video content tight and readily understood. Whether you film in real life or make exciting images, all work great with the viewer.

Piran Tarapore has also been associated with the Indian film industry and has worked on several productions in the casting department. He has also worked with Ida Ali, the daughter of the veteran Indian filmmaker, Imtiaz Ali on several projects. He also shared some anecdotes with other fellows about his emerging career in the film industry and shared his vision. He mentioned, “Filmmaking for me is a life-long passion project. Every day, I try to think of life-changing stories which make people happy. My goal is to make people smile – and I’ll achieve that someday!”

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