Edward Robinson: The American Growing EDTHATSMYCUP Artist from FLA

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A professional Hip Hop artist Edward Robinson was born in 11th Sep 1995 in place of Port Orange. ED lives in countryside of Port Orange where he starts his growing career after the embarrassment of his brother. His brother was also affectionate of Hip Hop music and according to news report; Edward Robinson first motivate by his brother’s songs of Jay-Z. The song was “Dirt off Your Shoulders” and “99 Problems” gives motivation to start his growing career. He awake up not too early in morning around 9 A.M and takes a little breakfast and then ED start working on music and always tries to make new music.

Edward Robinson gets the name of EDTHATSMYCUP after the fame of his first song, and the people remembered him from this name. Only a few people know about his real name and social media also gives very little information about the ED. He is not very social and active in parties because he has some musical intentions that keep him busy in his work. Recently, he is working on his singles and successfully grows his career.

Professional Life Achievements

It’s really surprised you that how 16 years play with music and makes his rape singles while the other youngsters of his age, playing video games or doing other curriculum activities. He was encouraged with the music that his brother was listening that is why he has an 8 year experience of listening.

In the age of 16 ED is most famous music artist in America. In the interview with the newspaper he stated that:

At that age sixteen it’s super hard to take assessment and your confidence as an artist is gonna be way more delicate than if you were grownup with an agent and support network around you”.

Edward Robinson releases many songs and get a heavy views on Spotify in 2019 and get 34k and get the huge fan following around 77 countries. His most streaming songs are:

  1. Bitches
  2. Heavyweight
  3. Ice Cream Man
  4. ATM

Recent Released singles of Music Artist

His recently released song “Dancin’ Wit tha Devil” on 22th February 2020  hits the 100k and two other songs named ‘Give ME Space’ and ‘Hurt Kobain’ are also gets the great success in music industry.

Future Plans of Music Artist 

He gives very positive messages with his music that really helped him to come out from the poor consequence from his life from are friends who amuse him from his goals. That was the time when his friends amuse his consideration from his music career to them. For Edward, it was not simple to get out of the bad influence of his life.

Luckily, ED gets second chance from life to prove him. So, he starts concentrating on his music. Till now, he is frequently concentrating on his rapidly growing music career and that is why he makes the very first release of the year on February 2020; the song is already hit 100k and still continues to increase the fan following around the world.

He is a fan of many famous artists and tries to learn from their work. ED is working on many upcoming projects. He writes all his singles as a fine lyrist. There is no more details about his marital status and never get any clue about his contentious affairs.

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