Easy tricks to improve your photos without much effort

Erika White
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For those of you who are releasing cameras (thanks to the bargains ) and, in general, for all those who want to be encouraged to practice a little more photography, here you have a good collection of photographic tips to improve without much effort.

We leave the tutorials and extensive guides for when we have more time, now we focus on easy and simple tricks that will be very useful in different situations and will help us achieve better photos. Go for it:

We cannot ignore that the automatic modes of our camera can save us the situation to achieve that photo when we don’t have time to stop. For example, when we are going to make a portrait and our model is relaxed and prepared. You can’t waste time setting up the camera and testing. Kenya Moore Recalls The RHOA ‘Forever Relevant’ Ball And Shades NeNe Leakes. To not miss that spontaneous moment, select Automatic Mode and trust your camera. The important thing is to get that moment.

We already saw that it is one of those topical summer photos that we should forget, but let’s recognize that there are some occasions that are irresistible. At the moment, by place or company. So in those cases, select a small aperture to have a large depth of field, the lens at full angle to capture a wide scene and, as the shutter speed will be slow, support the camera in a safe place. And do not shoot by pressing the shutter, you better use the self- timer (timer) and thus avoid any slight trepidation.

If we are indoors, the flash is usually essential but we know that if we have the main motive very close it can have an undesirable glare. One option is to bounce the flash towards the ceiling, but since most of the flash integrated in the cameras are not addressable, we can either hold it focusing towards the ceiling (better if it is white or clear) or use a cardboard (as you can see in this video) Thus we will get a more sifted and pleasant flash light.

If we are going to use a tripod, a good solution to avoid any minimal movement (especially in windy or breezy areas) is to fix the tripod by hanging a backpack or incorporating some weight into it. This will be much firmer, safer and will help us achieve a precise focus and greater sharpness.

If we take advantage of a trip or a train trip, it is always attractive to take advantage of the views through the windows. Ideally, we shoot from an open window to avoid glare from the glass. But if we can’t, we can also include them as a creative resource. In any case, do not shoot randomly and look well through the viewfinder or screen to choose the best frame and get a good picture from the train.

In relation to the previous one and, in any case, whenever we need to shoot through the glass of a window, we can reduce the reflections if we clean the area of ​​the glass well, we approach our objective to the maximum (even when in contact) and then it is already play with the angle or even cover the reflections with a dark surface.

If we are on the beach and we want to take advantage of the possibilities of night photography in summer in a natural setting, let’s not leave anything to chance. The best night photos are the product of careful planning: the exact place (especially), the moment, the focus … you have to do tests and choose the most appropriate to get the best photo we look for.

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Erika White is a graduate of Parsons School of Design. Erika is based in Manhattan but travels much of the year. Erika has written for NPR, Motherboard, MSN Money, and the Huffington Post. Here at Morning News Ledger, Erika covers entertainment stories, focusing on performance arts and culture.