Do you intend to move to Dubai? Read this helpful information about the cost of living there

Kat Irving
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If you intend to relocate and live in Dubai, it is imperative that you get an idea of ​​the cost of living there. You have to bear in mind that the standard of living in Dubai is very high, and Dubai is believed to be the most expensive city in the world for tourists. This city offers great opportunities for anyone who wants to settle down and live well and comfortably. This city has beautiful and elegant areas for living with all kinds of services. But all this has its price.

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One of the main factors in determining the high cost of living in Dubai is the place you choose to live in, and this in turn depends on what you earn. The housing rents are somewhat high, but if you move outside the city or in the vicinity, you can pay less.

Salaries are usually high in Dubai but this is especially true for high positions such as managers and scholars or new professional jobs such as the mobile phone developer’s job, who can earn up to three hundred and eighty thousand dirhams per year. However, the salary for managerial or entry level positions is not very high!

However, you can get any type of housing according to your need and in line with what you earn. Prices are very high in the city center and in all exclusive expatriate areas scattered outside the center. You can get cheaper rents if you don’t mind moving.

For example, the average monthly rental rate for a one-bed apartment in the city center is AED 7,300 while the surrounding area is around AED 5,000. This does not include operating costs such as internet, electricity, etc.

With regard to health care, residents of Dubai can apply for a health card that enables them to provide low-cost medical treatment in hospitals and public clinics. This card does not include all services, so it is necessary to obtain private health insurance.

There are a large number of international companies specializing in private health insurance in Dubai and elsewhere. Regional health insurance costs start at AED 180 per month.

As for transportation, it is cheap in Dubai because the cost of fuel is very low. Dubai becomes a busy city during working hours and working hours, so public transportation can be the best if you move daily to your workplace.

During the past ten years, school fees have increased dramatically as they range from 2018 to 2479 dirhams to 130,000 dirhams annually, and these costs do not include the additional fees for admission, transportation, books, etc. There are 195 private schools in Dubai that follow different educational systems and most of them are excellent.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city in the Middle East, so if you are about to move to it, the facilities and lifestyle on offer are world class and although the cost of living is somewhat high, the experience of living in this city is an unforgettable experience.

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