Custom Keychains: The Best Gift

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When you are looking for a practical, functional and beautiful gift to look at or you want to create an original custom gadget to give to employees or to use to promote your brand at special events, fairs and conventions, the choice, often, falls on custom keychains. The alternatives you can opt for are almost endless: let’s find out together why choosing a custom keychain is always a good idea and how you can customize it to convey a message full of meaning and uniqueness.

Which Custom Keychain To Choose?

There is a great wide range of custom keychains, of any size, shape and price, all customizable. From the simplest plastic keychains, with puppets, to the most useful ones like the keychain with a token for the trolley. Without forgetting the bottle opener, anti-stress custom keychains and with integrated light. You can use them during events, fairs and for your advertising campaigns guaranteeing a great image return. In addition, they are suitable as special gadgets to accompany the launch of a particular product or project.

Benefits of Customs Keychains

Custom keychains are useful items, therefore, is out of the question. They are essential to always have the keys at hand and to avoid losing something on the road trying to extract them from your pockets. A custom keychain is a gift that never goes out of fashion not only because it is practical and useful, but also because it is available in a variety of variants that make it suitable to satisfy every type of taste and need: eco-friendly keychain, fabric keychain, plastic keychains, technology keychains, etc.

When choosing to give a keychain as a gift or buy it for personal use, it is essential to be sure of the quality of the item. It is important to pay attention not only to the resistance of the lace or ring, so as to make sure that the key ring does not break easily, but also to the aesthetics of the object itself and of the decorative pendant, if any.

Custom Keychains: Design

The main feature to consider before buying a custom keychain is to choose the design. You can find custom keychains with a minimal style, with sober lines, without too many frills that give a touch of class and elegance.

Extremely chic those with the case, also ideal to be given to a family member or friend or relative, even for a special occasion.

Other key chains have a nice look and help us to “brighten up” the day: they are colorful and decorative accessories, many of which are also cheap.

Custom Keychain Materials

Like any other accessory, key chains can also be purchased in any material, which is why the screen printing technique allows you to print writings, logos and images on any support (wood, plastic, glass, leather, ceramic, etc.).

Depending on the material, you can opt for a resistant, solid and long-lasting custom keychain or for a delicate accessory and subject to greater wear.

The metal ring that will contain the keys can also be made of palladium or iron , even lined with plastic. Obviously, the quality of the material will affect the price factor.

Custom Keychains: A Gift That Truly Leaves You Speechless

In addition to the above, for custom keychains with a photo a separate discussion must be made. This particular category of custom keychains is in fact divided into two large families: that of the custom key chain with a print and that of the custom keychain with an engraving. 

For photo keychains, everything has probably already been said. It is an inexpensive gift, suitable for any occasion and which lends itself perfectly to create a nice gift. And, above all, a low-cost gift, also excellent as a gadget to give to customers perhaps during the holidays, but we will see this also later.

For custom engraved keychains, however, the situation is different. The fact of engraving a photo, in our case by laser, on a support such as a custom keychain. Gives life to a product that immediately becomes an exclusive gift. An engraved photo, but without grooves, which seems almost drawn on a custom keychain. It is in fact a gift that leaves you speechless and allows you to always carry your most beautiful photo with you. 

Do you want to give a Custom keychain as a gift? Keep in touch

If you are looking for a keychain to customize according to your personal tastes or the style of the person who will receive it as a gift. With a wide selection of Custom gadgets and provide customers with items of proven quality, thanks to the direct control and carry out daily on the entire production chain.

Custom Keychains As A Promotional Gift

Custom keychains are an excellent promotional gift for any company, organization or event that wants to make a cheap but also heartfelt gift. If it is of particular and accurate design and if customized with something more characteristic than the simple company logo, your customers, associates, promoters, affiliates, representatives will look forward to being able to use it, show it to everyone and thus be able to talk about you and your company by advertising for free! If connected to an event, such as a fair, a conference, a training meeting, a concert, a sports tournament, the custom keychains are that type of object that, even if it will not be used by everyone, will certainly be preserved.


Custom keychains are useful in most people’s lives. Which is why a promotional or advertising keychain with your company logo is a wonderful option to give to your customers at fairs, events, promotions and campaigns advertising. Therefore choose the best gifts for your customers, and for their collaborators. The promotional and advertising custom keychains with your company logo are presented as an ideal gift for your customers, because they are really useful and practical gifts, which they will always be able to carry with them, and which will allow them to always remember your company every time they use it.

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