Comparison: What is the best way to download videos online?

Warren James
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It is very common today for users to download MP3 files (or videos) from videos available on streaming platforms. This allows in particular watching all this content without the need for an internet connection.

To do this, many means exist: so, faced with the abundance of possibilities, how to choose? To help you find your way around, we invite you to discover our comparison of the best applications for downloading videos online. Free YouTube Downloader is an essential reference. The service is very easy to use, free and efficient. It will download all the YouTube videos of your choice, in all formats up to 8K! Of course, it is also possible to download the videos in MP3 format using a YouTube converter.

This software is available on Windows, so you can download all the videos from your computer. It is also the only software in this comparison usable under Windows. We recommend it, especially since the download manager is quite efficient. A must-have! If you are an Android user, this application should interest you a little more. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is more or less the equivalent of Free YouTube Downloader but for devices running Google’s mobile OS.

Compatible only with YouTube, the application will again allow you to easily download the videos of your choice in several formats. The application is 100% free and its interface remains relatively accessible to all. Videoder stands out from its competitors for one main reason: the application is compatible with many services and not just YouTube. Thus, it will be very easy for you, in a few clicks, to proceed to downloads on many sites: YouTube, but also Dailymotion, Soundcloud, etc … which makes it a real Swiss knife!

Again, the application is intended to be complete in terms of formats available for download, so you should find what you are looking for, both for video and for music. As for the file manager, it will allow you to quickly rename your downloads to avoid getting lost in the stream. Special mention to the home page of the application which offers to find new content through identified categories. Something to never be in need of videos to watch!

VidMate is simply identical to Videoder, which we have just presented to you. The two applications are almost identical in all respects. Note however that Vidmate supports a few more services, some of which are amazing, such as WhatsApp or Instagram, to save your content. Regarding the interface, all applications of this type are similar, whether we talk about navigation, to find and download content, or the download manager. Therefore, the appreciation will be according to the tastes of each. Either way, VidMate and Videoder are, in our view, tied.

On paper, Snaptube is also an interesting competitor against VidMate and Videoder. However, in practice, it suffers from a huge problem: the advertisements are really too invasive; and therefore the user experience is spoiled. If you are the type who can brave and support all this advertising, know that Snap tube remains very effective and interesting. Compatible, again, with dozens of services, you will have the choice between many formats to download your videos.

A few years ago, KeepVid Video Downloader was a benchmark for downloading videos from your Android phone. Today, over time and after numerous updates, the application has aged rather badly. Especially since, since the last update, it is simply unusable. We therefore recommend you rather turn to alternative software and you will understand why. If developers ever wake up to fix this nasty bug, you can still use KeepVid, which supports many services and not just YouTube.

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