Common Mistakes Every Guest Blogger Should Avoid

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Guest posting when implemented correctly can get help to establish you as a popular writer. Blogs written on a high-quality website will help you get superior-quality backlinks that will enhance your reputation in the market. However, a few common mistakes can prevent you from realizing its benefits.

In this article, we will tell you about common mistakes to avoid while guest blogging.

About Guest Blogging

Guest posting can take your search engine optimization efforts to a new level. It exposes you to a set of a new audience, enhance your thought leadership, and establish you as a subject expert in the industry.

However, you should note that it is not easy to accept and publish guest posts on other’s blogs. You must have the necessary skill of an SEO expert, a blogger, and a PR professional to be successful.

QualityGuestPost is a well-known guest post service. The expert writers at the company use several creative and technical techniques. It helps a thousand brands in several industries to find, pitch, and secure affordable guest blogs on the niche and high authority blogs.

Mistakes to Avoid In Guest Blogging

Not Choosing The Right Blog

Guest blogging has to be strategic. Identify blogs or websites whose audience is appropriate for your business. Wrong selection would not get you traffic, email subscribers, backlinks, and popularity. To find the right blogs, a guest blogger should do Google searches to look for keywords that you want to target.

Failing to Maintain A Record of Your Outreach

After spending a lot of time and effort on a blog, if you don’t keep a record of the outreach, then it will not reap results. Recording your outreach archives will help manage communications, and remain on top of the progress. It will also prevent the possibility of targeting the same blogger again with the same pitch. This is a waste of time.

Not Leveraging Connections

Another mistake that guest bloggers may make is to not leverage connections. A blogger should need to leverage the potential of your blogging network. Find out if you have anyone in your LinkedIn connections who are employed in the blog manager’s firm can introduce you.

Grammatical Errors When Making Pitches

No blog manager would want to allow writing guest posts to those who can’t make a grammatically correct and professional pitch regarding the blog post.

Understand that your blog pitch represents the quality of your blogs. Spend a good time on your pitches. Make sure you proofread them. It will make the best impression on the blog manager as well as the audience.

No Post

Do not send an email to a blog manager about writing a guest post without indicating the guest post that you would want to contribute. Always provide a brief outline so that the blog manager knows whether the article is appropriate for their blog.


Guest blogging can offer you a wide range of advantages. But some mistakes can prevent you from making the desired impact on the readers. Being aware of these mistakes will help write effective guest posts that help you create loyal customers for a lifetime.

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