Collecting Data With A Smile: The Secret Way To Boost Email Opening Rates And Get Client Data

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Photo booths are big business when it comes to curating customer data. Companies in the know are installing them at their events and stores because they can provide a wealth of information.

The most efficient photo booths for hire on the market can send your customer their images at the touch of a button; they also create a unique experience.

And how do they send those photos? Via email, meaning you then have that eternal touchpoint with your client.

Marc Elkiner, a co-founder of sharingbox, says he sees an 82% opening rate for companies that use their photo booths for events.

“The usual opening rate is around 10% if you are lucky,” he says. “When you send someone a photo, that shoots right up.”

Sharingbox offers easy-to-set-up, portable photo booths that can be branded to your business. The company also creates event concepts and provides virtual backgrounds to make that extra interaction special.  Using cloud-based software, they can implement a rollout for an installation across hundreds of locations. And then sharingbox can assimilate the data and hand it back to the business with specific insights.

“We collect data with a smile,” says Marc. “When you send a 10% opening rate newsletter, you should be ecstatic. We can take 1000 photos and have an 82% opening rate.

“People want to see their image and back in the day you could track everything. So we started tracking everything. Who’s opening it, reading it, forwarding, clicking on the link, and sharing it on social media. Today the social media landscape has changed but the opening rate has not.”

Sharingbox then gives its clients a dashboard to use the data to truly understand their customers. It’s precious.

Marc has revolutionized the face of photo booth marketing with sharingbox, creating branded photo ops, and making the once-traditional metal cube into a sexy accessory for any event. 

As a result, the company has worked with some of the biggest brands in the business, including Adidas, Maybelline New York, and LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Tina Malhorta has experienced the power this kind of marketing move can have on companies. 

She is the CEO and CXO of The Color Factory, a diverse experiential arts company.

She says Elkiner’s systems have changed their company’s revenue and structural dynamic: “Since we implemented the systems in 2021, our guests have taken over 1.2 million photos. 

“Mr. Elkiner is undoubtedly one of the top experts in his industry. His work sets standards that are of an unquestionable benefit to any organization that uses his specialist designed systems.” 

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