Choosing Dining Room Tables

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Since you’ll be spending quite a bit of money on a dining room table, you won’t just want to select something that looks fantastic. You’ll also want to pick something that will last, look no further than zgallerie furniture that will tick all the boxes.

Choosing The Right Style

When you’re selecting a table for your dining room, you should just look at your chairs. You should think about how it will look with the cabinets in your kitchen and the furniture that’s in your living room. If you answer these questions, you’ll be able to choose a table that’s right for your space.

Do you want your table to look modern? If you prefer contemporary design, metal tables or tables with mixed materials are a great choice. You’ll also want to look for sleek lines, slimmer tables, and woods that are in dark or light shades. What are the current trends? It’s becoming very common to see homes using tables in an industrial style. These tables often mix reclaimed wood with metal. They can give a home a more relaxed feel. It’s also common to see glossy tables that are made from upcycled materials.

Do you prefer traditional design? If that’s what you’re drawn to, you’ll want to look for tables with thicker legs and minimal details. You should also look at warmer shades of wood. You can see great examples of this if you examine our Belmont range. Teak is the best type of wood for a traditional dining room table.

Are you drawn to farmhouse or country style decor? If so, distressed finishes and reclaimed wood are both great options. You should also look for a table with chunkier proportions. If your room is on the brighter side, you’ll find that a table made from a darker wood can have a big impact. In a space that’s on the darker side, a whitewashed table is best. If you want to see more of the options available to you, you should examine our Dunham and Baxter tables.

Is your dining space on the cramped side? You can create the illusion of a larger space by choosing tables in lighter shades or tables made from materials with reflective properties. You should also look at the shape of a table. Circular dining tables take up less room than square or rectangular tables do, but they can seat the same amount of people. If you’d prefer a table with a rectangular shape, you should try pairing a table with a bench instead of chairs. This is a great way to use less space.

Is co-ordination necessary? When you’re buying furniture for your dining room, you’ll be purchasing more than one item. You’ll need to select chairs to go with your table. You may also be investing in additional pieces of furniture, such as a sideboard. Not everything needs to match perfectly. However, you should choose materials that complement each other. With that said, if you choose furniture that is coordinated, it can give your room a more cohesive appearance. If you’re planning on buying furniture for your dining room one piece at a time, you should make sure that the range you’ve selected isn’t scheduled to be discontinued anytime soon. That way, you’ll have ample time to save your money.

Is it functional? If there are going to be kids dining at your table, or if you plan on using your table when preparing meals, you’ll want to pick something that is durable and built to last. Ideally, you should choose something made from distressed or reclaimed wood. That way, even if the table has dents or nicks, it will still look fantastic. The District Eight, Baxter, Malmo, Dunham, and Brunel tables are all terrific options.

Choosing A Table That’s The Right Size

Want to find the right table size for your dining room? Try placing pieces of newspaper on your dining room floor. Make sure you leave enough room for chairs and space to walk around. If you do this, and you measure the newspaper, you’ll get a better sense of what size table will work in your space.

If you choose to buy dining chairs separately, it’s important to measure the height of your table. That way, you can make sure you choose chairs that are the correct height for your table.

Finding A Table That Fits The Appropriate Amount Of Chairs

You should measure your table and make sure you have ample space for each place setting. If you choose chairs that have arms, you’ll need to leave more space for each seat.

Determining Quality

Your table should remain sturdy on the ground, even if you apply extra pressure to it. You may want to look for a table that features dowelled or dovetailed joints. If you choose a cheaper option, your table might be stabled or screwed together, which means it will be less durable.

A table made from solid wood will be heavier than a table made from wood veneer, and it is also more likely to have blemishes. However, it will be more durable.


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