Celebrities who have their own clothing brands

Erika White
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They have fame, money and are great celebrities for their talent in music, acting, or both! But in addition to his work and exhibition, some celebrities have dared to try in the fashion industry. Some have even become great industry leaders. Don’t miss out on these celebrities who have their own clothing lines! The former No Doubt vocalist showed her fondness for fashion when designing her outfits for the band. In 2004, he started his own clothing line called LAMB that he has managed to maintain successfully. His brand combines a great influence of styles and many celebrities have incorporated it into their looks.

Successful dancer and singer, Beyoncé is not far behind and also has her own clothing line known as House of Deleon that she created with her mother in 2005. It is a contemporary fashion clothing line that seeks to reflect taste and style of the artist. The line was created in honor of her grandmother who was a respected seamstress. After their acting career, the Olsen twins became fully involved in fashion and with great success. The famous debuted with their line The Row a luxurious and modern brand and then launched Elizabeth and James, a more accessible brand Great celebrities like Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans of their collections.

From successful singer with Spice Girls to designer of the year, Victoria Beckham has left her music career behind and is now a renowned designer. With the line that bears his name, Beckham designs from dresses to jeans, bags and sunglasses. Future And Lori Harvey Spotted Wearing Wedding Bands – Steve Harvey Reportedly Does Not Approve! His clothing line is widely used by Hollywood celebrities both on the red carpet and in daily looks. Jessica Simpson will not have had great success as an actress or singer but as a businesswoman. His clothing line The Jessica Simpson Collection has had a resounding success.

Nicole Richie was successful in the fashion industry with her House of Harlow jewelry collection she launched in 2007. Four years later, the famous woman launched her casual clothing collection, Winter Kate. The celebrity has not only earned a lot of money with her fashion ventures but has become a great reference.

Singer, dancer and actress, the successful Jennifer Lopez never stops and that has led her to become a great businesswoman. The celebrity not only owns restaurants and perfume designer but also created her own clothing line in 2003 called Sweet face .However, she did not agree with her role as a designer and bet on her other ventures, saying that she had a hard time transmitting her style and tastes to her designs. Successful, enterprising and recognized. They lack nothing to do to be celebrities. What do you think of these celebrities who have dabbled in the world of fashion? Also, Mayo Clinic explains that in general inverted nipples are not usually a medical problem. In fact, many women are born with nipples like that. However, if the nipple is suddenly reversed (without any apparent cause) it is necessary to see a doctor, because it can be a symptom of a health problem. According to Dr. Sabrina Felson, a medical specialist in internal medicine, inverted nipples can be a consequence of a condition called ectasia of the breast ducts, which occurs when some of the breast ducts widens and obstructs. Mayo Clinic experts explain that in addition to the inverted nipple, other symptoms may occur, such as white, gray or black discharge from the nipples, tenderness and redness in the nipple or in the surrounding area.

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