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Tinctures, which roughly means a plant infusion in a liquid base has been around for centuries. The base is usually alcohol, where the brewing of the plant can take up to several weeks and even months. Tinctures have been a popular method of administering herbal medicine around the globe. They are long-lasting, easy to use, and possible to take accurate doses. The concentrated liquids are usually available in small bottles such as 0.5 oz., I oz., or 2 oz. They have a dropper that you use to count the drops for effective and consistent dosing.

CBD tinctures are ideal for micro and standard doses.

The standard for alcohol tinctures is 23—30 drops, which equals 1 milliliter (ml). The potency of the liquid is usually per milliliter of liquid (mg/ml), typically around 10—20 mg/ml. But it is not impossible to find as high as 50 mg per ml. Always study the label and calculate the concentration to achieve accuracy.

Ways of Taking CBD Oil Tincture

Once you identify the number of drops that you need to take, you can make it easier by determining the number of drops in a 1/4 or 1/2 dropper. Then you can dip the dropper and choose the right amount.

There are various ways of taking tinctures, and it includes

  1. Sublingual where you put a few drops under the tongue for a few minutes and then swallow
  2. Addition in foods and liquids

Usually, the description of the CBD tincture is bitter and pungent, unlike most other herbal medicines. Tinctures with strong alcohol content can be quite difficult to tolerate. It is not advisable to put such tinctures as they can irritate the membrane of your tongue. Dilute this alcohol mix tinctures with an ounce of juice such as grapefruit or cranberry before placing it under your tongue. You can also add it in tea or hot water and wait for a few minutes before drinking. You can get rid of the lingering taste in your mouth with juice or water.

Other foods and beverages that you can mix the CBD tinctures include yogurt, bread, pudding, or soup. In most cases, an Oral dose will take between 30 and 60 minutes to take effect. The effects are also long-lasting and can take between six and eight hours. With this timing, you can take the doses between 6 and 8 hours apart, which is probably about three times a day. If you have a severe condition, you can take the medication up to 6 times a day.

The main goal of effective dosing is to ensure that you are taking the right amount to have the best effect in your body. It should not interfere with your sobriety. Please note that alcohol-based tinctures get to the bloodstream quicker than the other types.

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