Energy “Digital” Oil 1

Energy “Digital” Oil

Thanks to sensor networks, companies in the sector optimize the exploitation of their gas and oil fields. The key: billions of dollars in savings. The world is not going to…

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Graphic Design Tutorials

Best Freelance Graphic Design Tutorials

What is the graphic design tutorial? Expertly designed graphic design tutorials consist of drawings and images that an aspiring designer needs to present different jobs. A tutorial at the beginning…

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Isabell Slim Is Making a Name for Himself on the Internet 3

Isabell Slim Is Making a Name for Himself on the Internet

The Hop is above all a group of friends passionate about the same hip hop sounds. A common love which quickly leads them towards the creation of an orchestra gravitating…

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improve employee performance

6 Tips To Improving Employee Performance

Many employees start new jobs fully motivated, only for the fire to die off after just a few months.  Identifying factors that might be causing the ‘slowdown’ and providing fixes…

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10 Industry Professionals Share Their Best Business Growth Tips

If you could learn from any business Expert, who would you like to receive advice from? There are so many popular public figures in the business world, and many of…

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