Capricorn’s lucky stone, what is it?

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It has long been known that stones have a significant impact on a person. Some improve energy and character, strengthen health and serve as a protection, others make weak, lead to mental destruction. It is important to correctly determine which mineral is suitable for your zodiac sign and try to carry always with you. A great idea in this case is a gold Capricorn pendant, in which the talisman stone is inlaid. Let’s find out what crystals will fit best.

Stones to avoid

Unfortunately, not all minerals can suit the Capricorn, some will bring harm:

Sapphire - can worsen the energy.
Beryl, aquamarine, emerald and heliodor - will increase the craving for loneliness.
Pearls - can harm family relationships.
Moonstone - has the most negative impact possible.
Citrine - will exacerbate the inherent in nature temper with stubbornness.

How better to wear stones?

First of all, you need to consider that the closer the stone to the body, the better. In this case, the best option will be thematic jewelry – zodiac pendants, rings, bracelets. Some people prefer to just keep the stone in their pocket, but unfortunately, its energy will be much weaker.


It will help to feel the joy of life, leads to improvement in all areas, both personally and professionally. Ruby can act as a strong spiritual and energetic helper. Even its color will positively influence the character of the wearer, motivating to power. The mineral also helps to find spiritual balance, to cope with negative character traits. When wearing it, it is worth considering that you should not combine it with other stones, because it loses its power.


Most often, a transparent sparkling mineral can be seen in the form of a cut diamond in a Capricorn gold pendant. He is able to reveal his own potential, improve character, soften negativity. Interestingly, for women, its usual coloring – transparent, and for men black – is suitable. The diamond also promotes improvement in personal life. This is probably the only crystal that can be combined with ruby in one piece of jewelry.


If you are looking for a lucky stone for those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, this is the one. Astrologers also recommend using opal for people in creative professions. It is believed that if you want to be visited by the Muse, the mineral should be carried with you in the form of an accessory or jewelry. Interestingly, some artists even encrust their brushes with it.


For Capricorn who feels some kind of weakness it is advised. Garnet gives strength, self-confidence, will help to make acquaintance, develop relationships. It is enough to wear the stone in a ring or pendant, and you will become the embodiment of confidence, calmness. Also, people wearing the stone become sociable, increase charisma, dispose to themselves.

As you can see, the stones are capable of much. If you wear jewelry with ruby, opal, diamond or garnet, you can improve your life, discover new skills, become happier. It is also worth considering that some stones can do harm, so they should be avoided. But if you make the right choice and believe in the power of minerals, much is possible.

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