Building Your Dream Home? Flooring Tiles Are An Important Factor To Consider

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Flooring is a very important aspect of your house after the foundation and structure as everything else rests on how strong the flooring is. Not just that, it makes the space look more lively and upscale. The flooring can make or break your space when it comes to the functionality and aesthetic value of the house. It increases the value of your property as well. Therefore, you must make special efforts when it comes to the flooring of your house. Let’s take a look at how floor tiles are an important factor of your dream home…

Aesthetics and Appearance

Although functionality is an important aspect of the flooring, the aesthetic appeal and appearance of the house is also very important. Look for floor tile options that add more to the design and look of the house. Without being much overpowering, the floor tiles will elevate the space to another extent.


Each corner of the house has its own function – kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room, bedroom and others have their own function that constitutes the entire house. To bring things into perspective, for instance, the bathroom is exposed to water and moisture that can make the floor slippery and prone to accidents. Thus, you need to look for the right floor tile that is anti-skid, germ-free and is effectively also good-looking so that your bathroom doesn’t seem dingy and dull.


When it comes to the long-lasting shelf life, floor tiles are way ahead. As compared to other traditional flooring materials, floor tiles are one of the most durable and are manufactured to last longer. Also, with tiles, you don’t have to compromise on the other factors if you are going for one. You can still get the best of both worlds with durability and the aesthetic appeal of the house with different kinds of floor tiles. So, you don’t have to let go of the aesthetic or the durability. You can get both for the price of one!

Size and Shape

As much as the design and patterns of the flooring tiles matter, even the size and shape are as important. In fact, they equally contribute to the look and feel of the space. Glazed vitrified tiles come in varied shapes and sizes that suit best for your home. Large format tiles are the new entrants that basically blur out the grout lines making the space look bigger and more spacious. Therefore, you can go for bigger sizes for smaller rooms to make that illusion.


Floor tiles come in multiple finishes. Some of the most popular ones include – matte, glossy, super glossy and so on. With each space, the need for different finishes also changes. For example, bathrooms are good with matte finishes while living rooms can do with both matte and glossy finishes. You can also go for wood finished tiles that bring more warmth and rustic feel to the space.


Once you have settled for which kind of tile and what design will go best on your flooring, you will then need to concentrate on the spacing between the tiles. You can even have coloured grout lines to make it more interesting and to add a pop of colour. This will make it less displeasing.

To make your dream home a reality and practical, you need to consider different aspects especially the floor tiles. Choosing the right kind makes the entire space light up and makes your home more inviting and vibrant. Therefore, consider colour, pattern, design and durability before you choose to go ahead with any floor tiles.

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