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Are you looking for wholesale clothing in China? Whether it’s designer clothes, plus sizes, dresses or anything else, you’ll find it in our guide.

Why is clothing wholesale in China so popular? Given the low wages of workers which in turn reduce production costs, it is definitely the best choice for both permanent and new business owners.

Are wholesale clothes from China of good quality?

To be frank, the made in China label didn’t have the best reputation for quality products. Although today most of the products and clothes of well-known brands are made in China.

China is one of the largest apparel markets globally. It is only a matter of time before China takes over in garment manufacturing, due to the continuous development of manufacturing technologies, improved skills and low wages of workers.

From my point of view, it depends on the requirements of companies and brands that demand that specific characteristics exist in the merchandise manufactured for them.

For example, if they need low to medium quality clothes so they can sell them at low a price, that’s what Chinese manufacturers will provide.

On the other hand, if the company or brand is high-end, everything will be different. Brands like Prada and Armani etc manufacture in China and naturally everything, including materials and workmanship, will be the best quality.

Wholesale plus size Clothing vendors in China

China is a great place to buy wholesale designer clothes. Most major clothing brands are already working in China, so all you have to do is to contact wholesale clothing vendors.           

The best website for whole clothing in china is

It is a leading website for online wholesale Chinese clothing. It is one of the most well-known and reliable wholesale women’s clothing suppliers in China.

Wholesale7’s policies are friendly, offering a 14-day return policy with a refund if products are damaged or tampered with, except for certain products like lingerie and wholesale swimwear for hygienic reasons.

Also, its shipments are known to be faster than other similar services, but of course that depends on the destination.

Another advantage of Wholesale7 is its helpful and friendly customer service in case you need help with your order or with after-sales service.

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