Best Things To Do In Annapolis

Alton Clarke
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The city of Annapolis offers a unique blend of historic landmarks and water-based recreation. You can tour the 19th-century St. Anne’s Church, take a sailing instruction on Ego Alley, and have steamed crab at one of the many local eateries on the same day. One of the most popular pastimes in Historic Annapolis is simply wandering around the area.

Do you want to have more fun while you’re here? Read along to discover the top things to do in Annapolis, MD this weekend.

Unwind At Peaceful Waters Park

Located between Harness Creek and the South River, Quiet Waters Park offers a wide choice of activities in a scenic environment. There are six miles of paved paths for bicycling, running, or strolling around the 340-acre park, many of which lead to beautiful views of the surrounding area.

The park’s formal gardens and nearby event facilities make it a favorite location for weddings and romantic portraits, and summer concerts are also held there. At the park’s visitor center, local artists’ work is on exhibit, and a fantastic cafe serves locally sourced food.

Visit The Banneker-Douglass Museum

The Banneker-Douglass Museum, housed in a historic church, is Maryland’s official museum of African American history. Benjamin Banneker, a well-known scientist, and author, and Frederick Douglass, a formerly enslaved person who rose to prominence in the anti-slavery struggle, were the inspirations for the name.

From Harriet Tubman to Thurgood Marshall, the lives and achievements of some of Maryland’s most notable black inhabitants are featured in a series of exhibits. Visitors may learn about the history and culture of the state’s black population. The museum is a hidden treasure in Annapolis, and it’s well worth a visit.

Walk Around City Dock

It’s a great area to sit back and watch the world go by on a sunny day. Ego Alley is a popular site for boat captains to show off their vessels and their nautical prowess. Crowds congregate by the sea to watch the boats arrive and fantasize about one day owning one of their own.

Memorial To Alex Haley: Kunta Kinte

The Story Wall, the Compass Rose, and the Kunta Kinte narrative statues are part of this memorial. This is the only place in the country where the arrival of a specific enslaved person is acknowledged and named. It is located near the City Dock. In Alex Haley’s novel Roots, he created a character based on an ancestor of his who was born in the Gambia in 1750.

Alex Haley is seen in the collection of sculptures reading a book to a group of three youngsters, underscoring the value of oral storytelling and the printed word’s power. The granite and bronze globe map, which places Annapolis in the center, is called the Compass Rose, and it can be found just next to the Market House.

State Park Sandy Point

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, visitors may enjoy various activities at this magnificent state park. Many people come to enjoy the one-mile stretch of sandy beach, which is ideal for families thanks to the presence of lifeguard stations, a bathhouse, food stands, and beach equipment. In addition to the beach, the facility has a playground, picnic spaces, and a vast pavilion for large parties. A marina with boat rentals is also available as part of the park’s amenities.

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