Best Place to Read Latest Whatsapp Status Collection to Update your Status

Piran Tarapore
3 Min Read

If you always love to change status on your whatsapp profile then you surely need to try site. This is a very famous site and update post on regular basis. Even the best part you can find detail information on every festival around the globe.

What does status real mean on Whatsapp app?

The word status real means weather you are available or busy or offline. Now days people love to share their felling by updating whatsapp status.

Since we don’t have green light as like Facebook to find weather the user is online or not in whatsapp, whatsapp came with an idea if statuses like if person is online he can update as Available, if he is busy he might update busy or if he changes the number how might update as ‘call me ***’.

But as days passed people changes the meaning of status entirely like putting some proverbs, attitude quotes, wishing someone for anni ersary or birthday and still the list goes on.

Status is nothing but it helps you showing others in what situation you are in like online or available or busy or driving etc but these days we see status which is of no use.

What is the actual reason behind people updating Whatsapp status every day?

Fear of losing out of keeping up with everyone, or showing how they’re progressing, or showing the world that they too are a class apart and belong “up there”, or simply telling the world that they’re available for communication or restricted……

Actually you lose nothing if you don’t update your status at all. I haven’t done mine in years, there’s just no need. Why should someone update his/her status, I mean for what?

People who understand you and need you, don’t need your current status. People who don’t understand you, won’t need you or your current status. So what’s the point in spending effort on status updation???

Why force a space where we don’t need to? Keep things simple in life…..there’s a lot of important things to do and dell upon in life.


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