Be Prepared: 3 Best Home Defense Gun for a Woman

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Be Prepared: 3 Best Home Defense Gun for a Woman

Female gun ownership is on the rise. And while guns have almost exclusively been marketed to men over the centuries, that’s all changing.

Many guns today are being manufactured with women in mind. They’re now being designed to have less recoil and be slimmer and lighter.

Many women choose to own a gun for self-defense purposes. And now that gender roles are becoming more balanced. Women are also being seen as the protector of their households.

But what is the best home defense gun for a woman?

There are various options out there, and it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your situation. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the right one for your home and family. So keep on reading and take a walk you through the best kinds of guns for home defense. Additionally, consider investing in gun accessories such as iron sights that help improve the accuracy of each shot because your life and safety should not be left to chance.

  1. Revolver 

A revolver has a cylinder with multiple chambers. And each chamber holds one round of ammo. After each shot, the chamber revolves so that you can fire the next round.

A revolver is a very simple gun and is easy to use. Because of its simplicity, it’s easy to clean, maintain, and care for.

With that said, a revolver is going to be heavier and bulkier than a pistol. They also don’t have the same kind of safety features that come with semi-automatic pistols.

The biggest benefit of the revolver is how easy it is to use. If you don’t consider yourself a gun enthusiast but just feel comfortable keeping a firearm in the home, then a revolver may be all you need. Also, the added weight can help give your hands stability when you shoot.

The most common kind of revolver is a double-action revolver. Here, the pull of the trigger will generate two actions.

First, the hammer will be pulled back to the cocked position. Next, the hammer will be released to strike the firing pin.

The majority of double-action revolvers shoot in two ways. The first way is the same as single-action.

So when you pull the hammer with your thumb, it sets up the cylinder. Then, when the trigger is pulled, the hammer is tripped, and the round fires.

The second way is the double-action. Here, you don’t manually cock the hammer into position. Instead, the trigger cocks the hammer and revolves around the cylinder when pulled.

It then trips the hammer at the back of the trigger stroke, which fires the round in the chamber.

  1. Pistol

Pistols are semiautomatic handguns that have been around for just a little more than a century. A pistol usually holds up to seventeen rounds of ammo.

Like a revolver, the majority of pistols are double-action weapons. While the majority of pistols used to be completely out of steel, today, they are being made with polymer frames to save on weight.

There are several positives to using a pistol for home defense. First, they can usually carry twice as many bullets as a revolver. Although your state laws might dictate how many rounds you can have in the magazine.

You can also reload a pistol without taking your eyes off of the threat. And you can continue to keep your gun pointed downrange.

Lastly, many pistols come with rail interface systems. This makes it possible to attach accessory lights and scopes.

  1. Shotgun

The main benefit of using a shotgun for home defense is that it fires several projectiles every time you pull the trigger. That’s a feature that no other gun can really do.

This isn’t a benefit because you don’t have to worry about aiming. Instead, it’s an advantage because you’re likely shooting at close distances. So the shot won’t be able to spread far and thus will have a significant impact on your target.

Typically, you won’t be able to stop a threat with a single shot from a pistol or revolver. That’s rarely the case with a shotgun, however. When you use a shotgun, it’s fairly likely that after your target gets hit the first time, they’re going to stay down.

Because of this, a shotgun stops the threat from being a threat pretty quickly.

Also, the recoil of shotguns tends to be exaggerated. The real difficulty would be maneuvering a home with a long gun. However, you likely won’t be moving around that much if you suspect that there’s a burglar in your home.

Ideally, if someone were in your home, you would stay out of harm’s way and wait for the police to arrive. And while you’re waiting, you can set yourself down with your shotgun in case the threat tries to approach you.

Because there are so many different shotguns out there, you must do plenty of research when looking for the best self defense shotguns.

The Importance of Knowing the Best Home Defense Gun for a Woman

As we can see, there are several options for knowing the best home defense gun for a woman. Because of this, it’s crucial that you weigh all of the pros and cons and know what you want out of a home defense firearm. You should take things like weight, power, and simplicity into consideration.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to make more educated purchasing decisions when it comes to your home’s defense.

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