Always in Style: 11 Fashion Trends That Will Never Die

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It’s a known fact in the fashion world that fashion trends re-emerge around every 20 years. That’s why you’ll see many vintage pieces that are coming back today.

However, the rise of social media is changing that. Trends are becoming more erratic and people are cycling through trends many times a year.

It can be hard to stay always in style with the present state of fashion. You need some classics to keep you grounded. Read on to see the trends that won’t ever go out of style.

1. A Plain White T-Shirt

White T-Shirt

Every wardrobe should have a plain basic white tee. It’s simple and fresh, and you can be sure it will go with anything else you have in your closet.

You can always upgrade its look through your choice of other clothing items and accessories.

It’s also great for lazy days when you don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit but you still want to look put together. Finish it off with a classic pair of sunglasses and you’ll feel and look ready for the day ahead.

2. Little Black Dress

black dress

A little black dress can save anyone in a pinch. Forgot about the farewell party for your boss tonight? The LBD will do plus a bit of hairstyling and glam accessories.

Your crush suddenly asks you out for a date? A little black dress is perfect with a pair of cute heels and dangling earrings.

A bit of accessorizing can change the entire look of a little black dress – you can make it as classy or as lively as you want. No one will even notice you’re wearing the same thing when you wear it for the second (or more) time.

3. Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

The designer of aviator sunglasses made it for pilots as protection from the sun while they’re flying. They proved to be quite fashionable, though, and now they’re the signature mode of Ray-Ban.

They look great on both men and women. They’re functional and fashionable – a trait that’s prized in the fashion world.

4. Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick

Red looks gorgeous on everyone and that’s a fact. You can use red lipstick to upgrade your entire look in an instant. Many times, red lipstick is all it takes to liven up a dull or ordinary look.

With all the shades of red available today, you can be sure there’s a red lipstick for you. No matter what your skin tone is, a little bit of research and experimenting will allow you to find the red lipstick that you would want to wear every day for the rest of your life.

5. A-Line Skirt

A-Line Skirt

Thanks to Christian Dior, who introduced this style in 1955, we now have this A-line skirt that’s fitted at the waist and gets wider towards the bottom.

It’s a good way to stay chic no matter what look you’re going for. It’s great for casual wear, office wear, formal wear, and everyday wear. It looks good in any material, as well.

6. A Pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans will last you forever, and that’s good news because it will be always in style for decades to come.

It’s a timeless piece that you can style however you want. It’s the go-to for casual looks, but they’re great for dates and night outs, too. You can even use it for formal outfits.

The trick is to buy a high-quality pair of jeans. These can get expensive, but they’ll last you a long, long time.

7. Camel Topcoat

Did you know that the camel topcoat uses real camel hair in the past? In case it wasn’t obvious, that’s where it gets its name from. That’s why a high-quality piece can be expensive.

Fashion experts prize the camel topcoat for being both warm and lightweight. Its color matches everything, too.

It’s ideal for any age, which makes it a prime choice of clothing to buy at an early age. Doing so, you can make good use of it through the decades.

8. Florals

Inspired by nature, florals are here to stay in womens fashion. The Japanese were the genius behind adorning their kimono with floral patterns, a trend that we’ve adopted and continued using today.

A floral piece can add a softer touch to any outfit. The best thing about florals is that they can come in any style, as well. You can dress up with florals, get preppy, dress down, and many more.

9. Camouflage

It was in World War II when civilians started wearing government coats for fashion. It wasn’t until later, though, when models started wearing it, leading to its popularity that still hasn’t died down.

The camouflage is another timeless pattern that’s a drastic change from florals. It creates a rugged and rough look. Pair it with other simple classics, like denim or a white tee, and you have yourself a fashionable look.

10. Leather Jacket

A classic leather jacket has never gone out of style. It adds that daring look to any outfit without taking away anything from the original style. It can be feminine or it can be grungy.

It’s a bit upgraded today, however. Ladies don’t have to fit into “boyfriend” leather jackets anymore. You can now have a flirty crop jacket to give a bit of edge to your sexy or preppy look.

11. Black Pumps

Black pumps are feminine and sexy, as well as classic and timeless. It’s something everyone must have a pair of in their wardrobe. They’re a safe choice for almost any outfit, but they go well with experimental looks, as well.

You can wear these shoes from the office straight to a night out with friends or a date with your partner. They go with just about anything, so you can switch outfits without needing to change into a new pair of footwear.

Remember: The Classics Are Always in Style

Keeping up with the current fashion trends can be exhausting (and expensive). That’s why it’s worth having a bunch of classic styles in your closet.

The good thing about these styles is that they don’t limit you to them. You can wear them with other trendy pieces to stay always in style. Feel free to read our other guides right here to learn even more fashion tips like these.

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