All About Silk Sarees Across India

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The word SILK in itself brings out sentiments of pretentious and lavishness in our psyches right away. A silk saree is a legacy and an absolute necessity that you will discover in each lady’s closet, be it a grandmother or a cutting edge young lady. From a basic event to an excellent gathering, you can never turn out badly with a silk saree. It is an image of our way of life thus substantially more than its all the way. It rises above all obstructions and you will be astonished at the sheer assortments of silk that we have in our immense nation. From the Kanchipuram silk sarees of TAMIL NADU to the BANARASIS of UP, here is all that you know about the must-have sarees from across the country.

There is an assortment of Silk Sarees accessible some of them are Kanchipuram silk sarees, Kota silk sarees, Khadi silk sarees, and unadulterated silk sarees. Check them out below.


This handloom silk saree is a present fierceness among the adolescent who are open to hanging this lightweight, breathable saree with their western tops rather than customary pullovers for a contemporary turn. Ikat prints, running fringes and straightforwardness in hanging makes this saree an ordinary basic for the cutting edge lady.

STYLE TIP: Handloom sarees are the present fierceness so tie them like a smaller than normal saree or style them with striking embellishments, it will make an announcement.


Banarasi silk sarees are as yet viewed as one of best customary saris. They are portrayed for their planning and gold just as silver brocade or the ZARI. The extraordinary attributes of these sarees are their plans, which are Mughal motivated. Banarasi Silk is a fine variation of Silk starting from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. It some of the time takes upto multi year to finely mesh gold and silver strings into one Banarasi saree. Ladies love the Banarasi for its rich and substantial look that is well-suited for any conventional excursion. As of late Anushka wore a Red originator Banarasi saree for her Delhi gathering and looked totally stunning.

STYLE TIP: The Banarasi saree is a conventional outline that needn’t bother with much playing. Keep it straightforward and wear it with customary gold gems to improve its ever green intrigue.


Kanchipuram silk sarees need no presentation as they are well known all through the world! Made in Kanchipuram locale of Tamil Nadu by kanjivaram silks, these silk sarees from kanchipuram are generally worn by ladies in South India. They come in brilliant and delightful hues with thick outskirts that are as a rule of brilliant or silver shading.

STYLE TIP: Pair your conventional Kanchipuram with a fun differentiating pullover so you look customary yet present day.


Patola Sarees began in Patan, are typically produced using silk and exceptionally well known among the high class ladies. These twofold ikat Sarees are pricey and printed with structures of elephants, blooms and parrots.

STYLE TIP-Ditch the jeans inside and out and wear like a half skirt saree. Include explanation studs and you are good to go!

Workmanship SILK SAREES

As the name proposes Art silk implies fake silk. It is fabricated by an engineered fibre like Rayon that especially takes after the silk fibre Art Silk is adored by ladies who would prefer not to spend heaps of cash on purchasing genuine silk yet at the same time need to an extraordinary looking saree with an agile texture. You can wrap the Art silk saree like a skirt of a lehenga for a chic yet rich look.

STYLE TIP: Layer a shrewd coat or a cape over your saree to make it look all the more fascinating.


Bhagalpuri Silk is made in Bhagalpur, India. Bhagalpuri Silk is very outstanding for its novel and striking versatility and prevalent quality. It has picked up its prevalence in view of its moderateness and agreeable structures and Bhagalpuri sarees sell incredibly well all through.

STYLE TIP: Drape the saree pallu like a scarf around your neck. It makes for an extremely solid style articulation.


Tussar Silk sarees are produced using Tussar Silk , otherwise called ‘Wild Silk, Tassar Silk, or Tusar Silk’. It is produced using is a wonderful string acquired from a wide winged moth that is yellowish-darker in shading and that gives it a brilliant gleam. This fills in as a reasonable base for weavings just as print themes that have been roused ordinarily and look awesome on sarees. We have a wonderful gathering of Tussar Silk sarees for each event.

STYLE TIP – Add a belt over your saree to make it look fun!


This is the silk we have at the top of the priority list when we consider ‘customary’ silk, otherwise called silk glossy silk. The front of the texture is in a shimmery glossy silk weave. The back of the texture is a straightened crêpe. Perfect hung dresses can likewise be made out of this silk!

STYLE TIP: Satin wraps flawlessly over anything so wrap it over tights, adorn it with scarves and make a fun loving look with the saree.


Chanderi Silk sarees originate from Madhya Pradesh and are known for being light-weight and they are truly agreeable. Chanderi sarees are created from three sorts of texture: unadulterated silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton. Generally conventional coins, Flora craftsmanship, peacocks and geometric examples are woven into the silk. Chanderi silk kurtas and dresses are likewise extremely prevalent now a days.

STYLE TIP: Play with hues and shading hinder your saree with fun harvest beat rather than typical pullovers


What can be considered as the most flawless type of silk originates from Mysore? The Mysore silk sarees are exceptionally renowned for their durable sheen and sturdiness. They are colored utilizing normal shades and accompany non-pulverize quality. You can discover delightful themes of winged animals and natural products in these sarees. Basic yet rich, a Mysore silk saree should make a section in your closet.

STYLE TIP: Wear these light sarees and group them up with tops that have STATEMENT SLEEVES to make an effect.


Cotton Silk is a standout amongst the most adaptable textures that can be worn in both winter and summer. Cotton silk otherwise called Cot Silk is an incredible alternative for sarees as it is a low upkeep texture that likewise looks rich. Cotton silk sarees are a half and half that looks great with weavings, embellishments, prints just as extras.

STYLE TIP: Big or little, stout or insignificant, any adornments will improve the vibe of cotton silk sarees complex relying on the event and individual styles.

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