A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Fabulous Corporate Party

Warren James
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Whether you have just been single-handedly tasked with arranging a corporate brunch, evening party, or networking event and have never planned one before; or you are somewhat of a proverbial dab hand at such activities and are just looking for some new ideas, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Here, for your information, is a comprehensive guide to planning a fabulous corporate party.

Take Time to Understand the Brief

There is nothing worse—especially when your boss and other senior employees will be in attendance—than planning a party for a corporate event only to realize, on the night of the party therefore far too late, that you have missed the proverbial mark in terms of tone and provisions.

To avoid this, the first step to take is to find out everything you possibly can about not only the event itself and the purpose for it being held in the first place, but also, if possible, you should get a hold of the guest list, too.

Determine a Strict Budget

As with any party or event, it is exceedingly important to decide exactly how much company money you are intending on spending for the event, and to ensure you plan for every unexpected and even every unprecedented occurrence.

Such costs for a corporate event include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Special dietary requirements for food and drinks
  • Door staff depending entirely on the venue you choose
  • A coat rack or at least a room to store belongings
  • A DJ or live band
  • Decorations and lighting

Once you begin to start shopping for everything you need for the event, as well as contacting various people whose services you are intent on hiring for the evening, it is important to keep the budget at the forefront of your mind and to not go over the agreed limit.

Choose a Format and Theme

Additionally, make your corporate event or party truly go with a bang by hiring the services of a professional and established corporate photographer, such as a renowned Chicago corporate photography company, who can ensure the memories made at your fabulous corporate event will last far longer than the hangovers will.

If you are feeling particularly impressive in your new role as an events planner for the company you work for, you could even have the group photographs taken on the night emailed or even mailed to each and every attendee after the event.

Assemble a Trusted Team

Even if you are the one who has been tasked with planning the party, one of the most important elements of a successful workforce is teamwork, and therefore you must take advantage of this business fact and enlist the help of some of your colleagues whom you trust.

If the particular corporate event you are planning is on the larger side, it might also be helpful to assemble—either officially or on a more informal basis—an events planning committee to ensure every box is ticked and the night is a big success.

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