8 Festive Colors and Patterns that Truly Represent India

8 Festive Colors and Patterns that Truly Represent India

Assam has teas, Gujarat has its Idlis, Rajasthan has its turbans, Tamil Nadu has its Kollywood. Everybody knows something about every state, but what about the thing that ties us all together? The colours of India. This blog focuses on the colours that are festive, exciting, vibrant and true to India.

  1. Marigold Orange for every special occasion

The colour orange is very important in all special celebrations in India. It is the colour of marigold that is found in all festive decorations from family gatherings to public celebrations. Orange is also worn by Hindu saints and monks. It is a colour denoting absolute purity and satisfaction.

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  1. Dynamic Red for purity and passion

Red is also very noticeable in Indian culture. It is popularly worn by women as sindoor on their foreheads and makes the garment of every young bride. It is also the colour of Goddess Durga, the most important of deities in India. Red represents passion and energy. The vibrant colour truly fills up every space with a renewed sense of power.

  1. Yellow for exuberance and glow

Gold and yellow are very auspicious in Indian tradition. Yellow is the colour of turmeric that is used for its herbal properties for health. Yellow denotes luxury and glamour. An excellent festive shade in India.

  1. Blue of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is among the most important deities in Hindu mythology. Having a distinctive blue complexion, Lord Krishna is always the bringer of harmony and justice. Blue denotes tranquillity and trust, the ultimate sense of security.

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  1. Pink for wealth and beauty

The national colour of India is the lotus that has a pristine pink colour. This is the flower held by all Hindu deities and hence, represents wealth and prosperity. Pink is worn on the forehead on special occasions by men. It is the best colour to present creativity and glamour.

  1. Green for prosperity

Green is an important colour in India. It denotes nature and greenery, the power of forests and crops. Hence, an abundance of green denotes prosperity and happiness.

  1. Mandalas for spiritual reconnect

Mandalas are often seen in Indian culture to represent a complete sense of harmony. On Diwali, homes are decorated with rangolis with a variety of colours and patterns. Mandalas are very dynamic and creative. They manifest spirituality and creativity.

  1. Animals in Patterns

Elephants and peacocks are often seen in Indian culture including ethnic patterns and home decor. Indian culture has a rich history with several animals and this always finds a place in the classical arts. Peacocks are a favourite bird because of their vibrant colours and dynamic energy.

Use these amazing colours and patterns in your homes this festive season to create the perfect aura for happiness and celebration. Fill your homes with the tremendous power of these colours to invite great fortune and positive vibes for everyone.

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