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Whether you are invited for a leisurely family celebration, a classy work desk or an exclusive New Year’s event, each year-end party has its own dress code. Are you afraid that you color outside the lines with your outfit? Use these seven rules as standard to avoid any testamentary crisis.


Unless your invitation says “CASUAL” or “JEANS & T” in large black letters, this is a real party and that means party clothing. Do you have to choose an outfit? Then just use common sense. Is the hostess known for her flawless sense of style and luxurious lifestyle? Turn the volume knob of your wardrobe fully open and go for a statement cocktail dress, a sexy stiletto and subtle jewelry. Are you present at a work reception and is your company known as ‘the farmhouse where it is casual Friday every day ‘? Put a brake on the glitter and sequins and opt for a more glamorous version of your daily kit. Trade in your sneakers for a stylish ankle boot, put on festive tights and get your favorite LBD out of the closet. Be sure to view our selection of pretty tights here too.


Who goes to a party has two priorities:

1: Never arrive empty handed. That bottle of wine or delicatessen basket for the hostess is the best accessory for any party outfit.

2: Whether you have a tote bag the size of a book bag or an ieniemienie clutch, always insert a painkiller, blister plasters and red lipstick. That way your outfit won’t fall apart halfway (read: those flat shoes or bare feet really don’t make the same statement as those killer heels) and you will divert the attention of every vestigial drama with your radiant smile. Check out Harry Styles Merch.

As Christian Dior once said: You can never take too much care about the choice of your shoes. Too many women think they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet. Quite right, Christian, The choice of your shoes is very important. But more importantly, your stilettos are comfortable and therefore not brand spanking new. Joey King Wears Dazzling Suit By Area With Harry Kotlar Jewels To Visual Effects Society Awards. Walk into a new pair of heels by wearing them with socks for a day at home. This way they expand a bit and avoid your battered feet before the battle really begins.


Are you a fan of metallic, glitter and sequins? Then pull out all the stops during the holidays. With a glittering jewel, a metallic blouse or a pair of glitter tights, you can transform the most everyday plunger into a party-proof ensemble in an instant.

Being overdressed can feel just as embarrassing as an underdressed situation. Therefore make sure you always have an extra layer of clothing at hand. Are you the only one in a strapless dress in a sea of ​​long sleeves and thick tights? Swing a cardigan, bolero or oversized scarf over your shoulders and your problem is gone immediately. No, that dress code does not mean that you must wear a black dress. Rest assured that pop or color in the mass of LBDs. Seriously, this is the season of glitter, sequins and kitsch. With a bit of color you really do not fly out of the corner. Unless you explicitly go to a wrong Christmas sweater party , you better leave that Christmas sweater with kitschy snowflakes, golden reindeer or a cute penguin in the closet. Yes, he’s great, but there’s a time and place for everything.

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Erika White is a graduate of Parsons School of Design. Erika is based in Manhattan but travels much of the year. Erika has written for NPR, Motherboard, MSN Money, and the Huffington Post. Here at Morning News Ledger, Erika covers entertainment stories, focusing on performance arts and culture.