7 Exotic Animals You Can Keep At Home

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Most, if not all of us, love our cuddly, adorable pets who turn our world upside down or just make everything right—most of the time, both! Sometimes, it is just nice to take care of or pour your love on to just to destress and have a sense of company. That is what pets do. However, some people’s idea of pets is just not your usual cats and dogs. Some love keeping exotic pets! If you are thinking of keeping exotic pets, here are some exotic animals that you can start with:

1.       Chameleons

Chameleons are one of the best exotic pets you can start with. They are quite charming with their ability to change colours based on their habitat or where they live. For one, chameleons are the best to start with to keep as a pet because they are low-energy pets. You do not need to potty train them or condition them to be as social as possible. They do not require much just to keep happy.

You can just leave chameleons in a good habitat with greens and branches where they can climb up and down. You can just keep their food inside the cage, and they will take care of themselves. Just keep their cage or terrarium as ideal for them as a habitat with all the supplies maintained. There are more reasons why chameleons are one of the best exotic pets to keep and more chameleon facts that you may be interested in.

2.       Tarantulas

The best tarantula species to start with are Chilean Rose, Mexican red knee, and curly hair tarantulas. This is because not all tarantulas can be great with beginners. These species, however, are not as aggressive and are easier to take care of. They also have low maintenance diets and can just be put in small aquariums or terraria. Even 3-5 gallons worth of aquariums are fine with these. If you also want less aggressive tarantulas yet still give off a good scare, these are your best choices.

3.       Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are also easy to keep while still being “exotic”. You do not have to worry about hedgehogs being lonely because they are not as social as other animals. You do not have to worry about them having separation anxiety. With this said, only one hedgehog should be put in an aquarium or container.

If you are also someone who is not looking for a long-time pet, they are the best choice because of their 5-7 years lifespan. Their diet is also not that complicated. The only trouble you might encounter is that they can get temperamental but with the right habituation and handling, they can be fine.

4.       Prairie dogs

Prairie dogs are loving pets. They can be harness-trained. They are also social, so you have to spend time with them often. They might have problems with strangers, though, because they can get aggressive. They can be kept in cages with just the right size and have simple diets such as hay, grasses, pellets, fruits and vegetables.

5.       Short-tailed opossums

Opossums are one of the marsupial kinds like koalas and wallabies. Short-tailed opossums are low maintenance pets as they do not involve that much care. They are solitary and the same with hedgehogs, you can just put them alone in their cages. You must keep them in housings that meet their physical requirements like spacious enclosures with levels, exercise wheels, water bottles, and the usual rodent bedding.

6.       Foxes

Not all foxes may be made into a pet, though—only domesticated ones like Fennec fox and Russian domesticated silver foxes. This, however, is still with caution since they still have non-domesticated traits. Them being domesticated should not be compared with dogs and cats. They are still active predators who need to be allowed out of their cages occasionally. They are independent and can be noisy.

The challenge here is finding one since they are now quite rare. Non-domesticated foxes have quite strong smells, so they are best outdoors. Domesticated foxes do not have such strong smells and are much tamer.

7.       Hybrid cats

The generations of these hybrid cats vary. One of them is Bengal cats. These cats are domesticated yet they have quite interesting personalities as they are from the genes of Asian leopard cats. These are the best for those looking for exotic pets yet not as destructive as others. However, they have higher energy that you need to be prepared for.

Research for the best exotic pet

You now know some of the animals that you can keep home as you start taking care of exotic pets. The key here is to research properly by visiting sites that offer comprehensive facts about them like facts.net so you may be ready for what you are signing up for.

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